AMD XP Speed

  nar 13:00 28 Oct 2003

On my m/b i recently changed the fsb of my AMD 2000+ from the usual 133 to 166. it restarted fine but the chip was now being listed as a 2600+ and running at just over 2ghz when the usual speed is 1.6 ghz. its a msi m/b with k400 chipset. Will this cause any damage? i have changed it back to 133 but i wondered what the issues would be if i left it running at 166ghz and why does it change to a 2600 proc

  Neo_0147 14:17 28 Oct 2003

It could cause damage. It depends on a few things, if you overclock a cpu then it will naturally get hotter. Did you use it at 166 fsb for a while? You could put it to 166 and then go into windows and try a few apps and then restart and go into the bios. In the bios there should be a pc heakth status menu of some sort and check the temp of the processor if it's 55 C or higher i would advise you to put it back although alot of people think that is fine to run it at that temperature. Though you can't fry your cpu really as it won't let you, if it got too hot then it will turn itself off i think. If you want to run your cpu at a faster speed to make it cooler you could by a better heatsink with heat spreading or use a water cooling system.

  nar 14:41 28 Oct 2003

i have a fan that goes up to 2800+ and 2 case fans front and back. i played c+c generals on it for about 1/2 hr and it was running at about 53 degress it did not switch off though.

  Mike574 17:18 28 Oct 2003

The reason why your processor changes to an XP2600 when you change the fsb is because your motherboard calculates the cpu speed by -
133Mhz(fsb) x 12.5(multiplier setting in bios) = 1662.5 Mhz(1.66Ghz)
When you change the fsb you'll see that -
166Mhz(fsb) x 12.5(multiplier) = 2075 Mhz(2.075Ghz) which is the same as an XP 2600 T'bred.
I wouldn't advise overclocking your cpu by changing the fsb as the cpu probably can only use a fsb of 266Mhz(2 x 133). The best way to overclock is to keep your fsb at 133Mhz and change the multiplier setting. This shouldn't cause any problems just keep an eye on the cpu temp as Neo_0147 said. Hope this helps.
PS. i've got my XP2800 overclockered to an XP 3200 with no problems at all.

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