AMD XP 1800 Temperature

  nighthawk7 01:19 13 Aug 2004

Hi Guys

I have looked on the AMD website and i cannot find the information i am after, but being new to the internet, its not suprising is it!

I am after finding out what teperature for my processor is normal and what is too high

Cheers gang i know you wont let a n00b down

  nighthawk7 01:22 13 Aug 2004

Hiya All

Sorry to be a pain and have so many threads going but i am really new to computing and eager to learn and do my own thing eventually

so sorry guys, i will learn soon

Cheers Mark

  Night Ryder 01:37 13 Aug 2004

I looked up this a while ago. I have an AMD chip.
As I understand, the tollerence for these chips is around 85c after which you can expect instability or shutdown.

  Djohn 01:46 13 Aug 2004

Not a pain at all, keep asking as many questions as you wish. Keeps us busy and helps us to remember the answers ourselves as well ;o)

AMD XP 1800 has a max temp of 90c before falling over and though AMD don't actually give recommended temps because of all the variables in different systems they do say on their site that they are quite happy to see 58-60 running temps for their CPU's

I have the 1800 XP+ same as yours and at idle it shows 46-48c. After running a video/game or intensive screen saver it will reach 56-58 max even in this warm spell we're having at the moment. These temps are taken from the BIOS readings and tend to be more accurate than third party software monitoring applications. j.

  nighthawk7 01:50 13 Aug 2004

Thanks night rider, ive searched on the net and came up blank


  Djohn 02:06 13 Aug 2004

click here AMD chart with temps and other specifications

  nighthawk7 00:35 14 Aug 2004

Hi Guys

Well my cpu temperature is a litle high but i am fitting new cpu fan and heatsink, and also 2 case fans

cheers all who replied

Many thanks

Mark (Newbie)

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