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  reactor ted 17:12 16 Jan 2003
  reactor ted 17:12 16 Jan 2003

On Feb. 23rd 2002 I purchased an AMD 2000XP processor from a local retailer. On Jan. 4th 2003 the the computer stopped responding due to the above chip burning out. I took the chip back to the retailer but he informs me there is no guarantee with AMD processors and offered to sell me a new chip at cost price.Is this correct?
NB A new motherboard/fan were purchased at the same time and shop

  fsssh 17:23 16 Jan 2003

i doubt it, he sounds like he is trying to fob you off. if you paid by credit card you should be ok. unless you were trying to overclock it you are well within your rights to demand a replacement from either him or AMD.

  Rayuk 17:26 16 Jan 2003

Did the shop instal the cpu into the motherboard or did you do it yourself.They will argue that you didnt instal the heat sink and fan properly or didnt use thermal paste etc.and thats why it burnt out.
You could always drop AMD an e-mail for their comments.

  'kinell 00:19 17 Jan 2003

If it's a retail one it comes boxed with an original AMD heatsink & fan and has a 3 year warranty, if you bought it OEM with a seperate heatsink and fan, your supplier is right and you have no come back. With OEM you get a 12 month warranty but only if the chip fails, not burns out as this is down to the (probably cheap & nasty)heatsink/fan. If you buy a new processor, always buy a quality (often expensive) heatsink/fan or preferably a retail boxed CPU.

  reactor ted 18:22 20 Jan 2003

The fan/heatsink in question was an "Evercool Mentor". I was assured it was more than adequate for my chip. The board I purchased was an I-will xp-333r which tended to run hot anyway.
The owner of the shop fitted both chip and fan.He also fitted a copper shim with thermal compound.

  AMD 4 ever 18:45 20 Jan 2003

I suspect the chip has prob just died to incorrect install. He is at fault as he installed it and it should have covered a 12months warranty when he installed it anyway.

  carver 18:49 20 Jan 2003

as the owner of the shop fitted both chip and fan he should take responsibility for any failure that has occurred, any product comes with a min 12 month guarantee which he must comply with by law.All he is trying to do is fob you off,get him to repair or replace the parts then don't go near the shop again.

  Djohn 18:58 20 Jan 2003

reactor ted, As others have pointed out to you, the retailer supplied and fitted the CPU/heatsink and fan, if for any reason it was fitted incorrectly then the shop has full liability and will have to replace or refund your money.

All AMD CPU's are covered by a waranty, I'm not sure why he is telling you different. J.

  misery 20:10 20 Jan 2003

you take your case to your local Trading Standards Dept., who will give correct advice and may be even sort the problem.

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