AMD True Speed

  gill 22:24 13 Aug 2004

Hi all,
Can anyone please tell me if a computer is described as "ATHLON XP 3200+ what is the True speed of this machine.Many thanks. Gill

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:30 13 Aug 2004

AMD chips, speed voltages temperatures etc.

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  THE TERMINATOR 00:34 14 Aug 2004

An AMD 2200 runs at 1.8Ghz. I work it out that 3200 is 2.6Ghz....TT

  ste_bla 01:11 14 Aug 2004

actually its 2.2 ghz

due to the cpu's THE TERMINATOR compared are different cores it doesnt work out.

If in doubt this would be helpful ; click here

  gill 15:04 14 Aug 2004

Many thanks friends, This forum is a mine of information. Regards Gill

  gill 15:15 14 Aug 2004

Hi Again folks, something just occurred to me. Is a Pentium 3GHz a true speed? Thanks Gill

  jonnytub 15:18 14 Aug 2004

pentiums describe their actual speed, athlons describe their equivelant speed.

  jonnytub 15:19 14 Aug 2004

but even the naming of pentiums is soon to change!!!

  gill 15:27 14 Aug 2004

Thanks jonnytub. Gill

  BIG ben strikes 10 16:22 14 Aug 2004

intel 3.0ghz chips don't run 3.0ghz that is the speed it has broken so they advertise as 3.0ghz dunno about amd.amd amd advertise by e.g amd athlon 2200+ this means it will go higher than 1800mhz.i read this info from personal computer world

  bremner 16:38 14 Aug 2004

The Athlon 2200+ will run at speeds up to 1.8Ghz - it will only run faster if it is overclocked.

As has been said already Athon choose their naming convention to give customers an indication of the processors equivilant intel clock speed.

ie the AMD 1.8GHz Athlon is the equivilant of the Intel 2.2Ghz.

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