amd thoroughbred and barton cpu's

  the old man 21:44 07 Jan 2005

currently have an amd xp2000+ cpu with jetway kt4500 mobo. cpu is thoroughbred and I was wondering whether I can upgrade using a barton core amd xp cpu.

  Chaz10 21:50 07 Jan 2005

Are you sure it's a jetway kt4500, as I've just looked on their website and nothing comes up.Try running everest and see if that helps.
click here

  Ballie 21:51 07 Jan 2005

I just had the same thing with my pc I was told to go to the mother boards website and see what cpu's my board will support you might have to update your bios to upgrade to a faster cpu.

I am upgrading from a xp 2100+ to a 3000+ Barton but my board will only support 166/333mhz chips you may want to look at this to as the barton often comes in 200/400mhz however I found some of the 166/333 on click here

good luck

  Totally-braindead 21:51 07 Jan 2005

Can't find this motherboard listed on the Jetway website. As long as you stick with socket A and the motherboard will accept this fast a processor then theres no problem. I suggest you try to find the motherboard on the Jetway website and double check click here

  Totally-braindead 21:52 07 Jan 2005

Too slow a typist, we sometimes repeat ourselves.

  the old man 00:40 08 Jan 2005

mobo is a jetway kt400-8235.

  pete-290318 01:18 08 Jan 2005

sounds more like a gigabyte no, .. not jetway

  pete-290318 01:29 08 Jan 2005

if it is a board using a via kt400-8235 chip set it should run a barton 3200xp processor which uses 400fsb but you really need to find out the manufacturer and exact board model number to download the manual and make sure the board supports barton chips

  pete-290318 01:42 08 Jan 2005

you dont say what memory you have at present but if you upgrade to a processor using 400fsb you will probably need ddr400 memory upgrade as well..

and on this note I recently upgraded from an athlon 2200xp cpu and pc2100ddr ram at 266 fsb to an athlon 3200xp barton core cpu with pc3200ddr ram running at 400 fsb in a new motherboard and to be quite honest there was a slight increase in performance.. but I did not get the "WOW factor" I was expecting and now wish I'd spent my money on something more useful like a TFT or digi camera

  pete-290318 22:43 11 Jan 2005

any conclusion on this post?

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