AMD SKT A Motherboard problem

  sean-278262 01:46 17 Jan 2007

A friend has an AMD skt A K7 series motherboard in his computer. This is paired with 2x512mb of ram (one of which was fitted about 4 hours before this happened). It has a XP 3000+ processor, 120gb hard drive and 2 DVD drives. Also it has an ATI 9250 graphics card and a 350W PSU.

The problem is an odd one in that I added the ram for him earlier in the day. All worked fine it was detected and he started to use the computer when I left. Then later it died when he had gone to get a cuppa and now wont start up.

The computer spins fans when a specific sequence of events are done, the PSU turned off and left for about 5 seconds or more, then turning it on again and pressing the main power switch. The fans spin a few times but not to full speed or stay on.

I gutted the box down to the bare parts require for boot. GFX, CPU, PSU, mobo and Hard disk but still the same. At first I thought maybe a nackered PSU and tested that in another PC and it powered it fine. Removed the new ram and still nothing changed.

I am pretty sure it is a dead motherboard but puzzled why the fans spin only slightly, I would of expected any problem to either stop them completely or to have them work but the computer not boot.

Also there are no beeps or otherwise from the system.

Does anyone agree with my diagnosis that the main board must be dead or the CPU? I have not tested the CPU but have no SKT-A processors to test it. Any suggestions? It has to be on the cheap as he is a student and cant afford to be without a computer or expensive repairs.


  sean-278262 09:45 17 Jan 2007

Quick bump to try to get an answer before heading off to try a repair.

  AndySD 09:50 17 Jan 2007

It sounds like the Ram or PSU as you say. Have you tried it with just the new RAM

Try removing and reseating the Graphics card.

Try using the Jumper to reset the CMOS/BIOS

  Totally-braindead 15:04 17 Jan 2007

It could be a dead motherboard. Depending on what fails its entirely possible for bits of the board to fail and other bits to work. A commonish one is people blowing the USB on the board, it'll still work but without USB.
You say there are no beeps. Have you checked that their actually is a speaker?
I'm afraid the only thing I would suggest is, if possible, try all the components individually in another PC. If they all test ok then you are left with either the motherboard or the CPU and if you're not even getting the BIOS screen then it would have to be the motherboard had failed.
I haven't had a board failure myself but as far as I know you can connect with just the graphic card and the motherboard and you should still get a signal. Obviously it wouldn't do anything else as you have no memory or hard drive fitted. Realistically the most common failures would be the graphics card or the power supply.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:48 17 Jan 2007

The computer spins fans when a specific sequence of events are done, the PSU turned off and left for about 5 seconds or more, then turning it on again and pressing the main power switch. The fans spin a few times but not to full speed or stay on.

Classic sign of PSU failure.

  BrianW 16:52 17 Jan 2007

I wonder if its a cracked solder joint somewhere? I had this once with a new board, it only worked when I applied slight finger pressure at one point on the board, so flexing the joint.

It could be that the pressure required to seat the new RAM may have "sprung" something?

Not too sure how you test for that though

  BrianW 16:56 17 Jan 2007

another thought, I did have a very similar problem recently on my daughter-in-law's PC which turned out to be a faulty "on switch". They cleaned out the gunk my Grand-daughter had put into it and it sorted the problem (not suggesting the same source of the problem but it may be worth checking the switch for muck, its obviously a quite old box)

  sean-278262 21:27 17 Jan 2007

Fruit Bat /\0/\ - not PSU failure thats for sure as I tested the PSU on another PC. Works fine.

Thanks to all for comments but I am even more confused. We today went out and purchased a tower with everything including a Sempron 2200 skt a. The Thing after adding everything to it works fine for 5 minutes or so then just dies. Sounds like overheating, however we have since tried another PSU, the other processor which it detects (and should work but doesnt allow boot up), changed ram, replaced thermal paste and even tried booting with the minimal parts inserted.

Could a processor just overheat no matter what the cooling is? It beeps once before it tries to restart the PC and then dies totally and has to be switched off at the wall for at least 20 minutes. I have spent all day in the guys bedroom on hands and knees trying to work out the problem. Just seems to be one thing after another. Any suggestions as the other Heatsink install doesnt cure it.


  woodchip 21:41 17 Jan 2007

I would say coincidence that the PSU as died at the same time. it's not big enough anyway

  sean-278262 21:50 17 Jan 2007

woodchip - I have used many sempron system with an 300W PSU. It is fine with a 350W. How can the PSU be dead if it works fine with the new Mobo and tested on another PC and both come up with nothing wrong.

Even being mean with the setup and saying it is more powerful than it is I cant get more than about 270W required. click here

  woodchip 21:52 17 Jan 2007

It depends on the quality of the PSU. Have you tried removing the new Memory modul

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