AMD Seperon

  dazza39 13:41 15 Mar 2006

Can these processors be overclocked ,if so to what current one is 3000+ running at 1.8ghz


  rmcqua 14:17 15 Mar 2006

Yes, the Sempron can be overclocked. I installed a Sempron 3000+ in a friend's system a few weeks ago and the Asus m/b I chose permitted overclocking in fixed steps. I settled for 10% and the system was quite happy with that.

  dazza39 16:41 15 Mar 2006


So how extra did that give you?.

  ACOLYTE 16:47 15 Mar 2006

Why not just buy a bigger cpu in the first place at the spped u want? seems a lot of hassle to get 10% more witch in real terms is not a lot.

  rmcqua 20:08 15 Mar 2006

A noticeable, but not amazing speed increase. I can't recall the exact figures. I could have taken it higher but it was for a friend's machine and I didn't want there to be any chance of instability or overheating (it had a bog standard cooling fan).
Simple - doesn't cost any more. Hassle? - no hassle, very simple.
Don't forget that dazza39's question was "can these processors be overclocked", not "discuss the merits of overclocking these processors"

  ACOLYTE 21:37 15 Mar 2006

Same question applies,if you want a faster CPU why buy 1 slower than u like and then try to make it faster by overclocking?

Yes most CPU's can be overclocked,whether that is a good thing or not is another question.

  Legolas 21:42 15 Mar 2006

Overclocking is just another avenue of computing.
People enjoy seeing how much they can squeeze out of there CPU without frying it or making their system unstable

  rmcqua 10:20 16 Mar 2006

Some people, me included, have to work to a limited budget! If I can get my 3.2GHz P4 top perform faster than a 3.6GHz (which would have cost me more), then I'm a happy bunny.

  dazza39 13:28 16 Mar 2006

Thanks for input guys.

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