AMD Sempron 2600+ replacement for an Intel P4 2.4

  missjj 13:53 21 Jul 2005

I have just had my pc repaired by evesham and they have had to upgrade the cpu. They have replaced my intel p4 2.4 and 768mb ram with an AMD Sempron 2600+ 1.61 ghz and 256mb of ram. Is this a good upgrade or is it a slower cpu than my previous cpu.

  woodchip 14:05 21 Jul 2005

They have also changed the motherboard. It's on a par with the P4. But the ram should not have been changed. And I would be asking a lot of questions on Why they had taken it out.

  Belatucadrus 14:27 21 Jul 2005

I concur, the CPU swap seems OK, but dropping RAM from a handy 768Mb to a marginal 256Mb isn't really on. Personally I'd get back to them ASAP and request the 512 discrepancy be made good.

  SANTOS7 14:30 21 Jul 2005

If you repair something it is usual to replace the component with an ident of the broken one, to suggest your PC needed upgrading with the specs you have is beyond me, to concur what Woodchip has said they have DOWNGRADED you memory which in itself is a mystery. I would be definitely asking questions as to why they have performed these actions when you say you sent it for REPAIR..

Would be interested to know what was wrong in the first place..

  woodchip 14:44 21 Jul 2005

It may have been a stick of memory that was faulty. But I would want to know WHY

  missjj 14:51 21 Jul 2005

It has all been sorted out by evesham, my computer properties was not showing the amount of memory as it did before. Not sure what was wrong with the computer but it would not reboot and even after re-installing windows xp had problems installing other software like service pack 1. So it went back to evesham. thanks for help

  SANTOS7 14:54 21 Jul 2005

Why has this been ticked as resolved Missjj, if indeed you have been duped there are people here who can help with the legal side of things if indeed that is the case. To tick resolved without any feedback is frustrating to say the least..

  SANTOS7 14:56 21 Jul 2005

More than glad to hear that. must learn to type faster your reply was posted as i was fumbling over my keyboard

  TomJerry 15:39 21 Jul 2005

they cannot do that, if they do not have P4 replacement, you shold give you a faster P4, not Sempron.

You can accept a Athlon, NOT Sempron. Sempron is cut down version, it is compete against Intel Celeron, not real P4.

If your original CPU is P4 (not Celeron), ask for a P4. If they want to give you replacement with AMD, ask for Athlon 3200+

price comparion: Sempron 2600+, £50, Pentium P4 2.4GHz, £82.

What about motherboard? Have you got one with similar functions.

You have been ripped off from the cost point of view.

evesham is a good company, I am really suprised they want to pull a fast one like this.

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