AMD Semperon or Celeron P4?

  Mikeytaichi 20:59 08 Feb 2005

I would appreciate any info on comparison performance between Semperon 2400+ (1.667GHz ~ £45)and Celeron D320 (2.4GHz ~ £61 ). Upgrading from a Duron 900MHz, mainly for office applications, which is the faster/better value? I have had conflicting info so far from different vendors with regards to speeds.

  [email protected] 20:48 13 Mar 2005

dont go for neither, get an athlon xp, the seperon range of processors are not very good at all. if u want power and performance go for a 2500+barton core athlon xp. u can run this @200mhz at the flick of a jumper(and some ddr400 ram!)cheap cheerfull and will wooooop the pants off of the above mentioned processors! intel.who are intel????????? lol

  Belatucadrus 21:29 13 Mar 2005

click here

click here

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Unfortunately none of the reviews comment on the wooooop coefficient.
It depends what you want, but after years of being a bit of a dog the celery D with 256-kilobyte L2 cache and the 533MHz FSB, is getting to be an OK budget buy.

  Joe R 21:37 13 Mar 2005


have to agree with the second posting.

The socket A Barton core CPU's are far better and efficient.

You can get the 2800 here for sub £70. click here

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