AMD Ryzen CPUs - How are they?

  Menzie 17:31 20 Apr 2017

I've been looking with great interest at the Ryzen CPUs recently released by AMD, specifically the Ryzen 5 series.

I currently have an AMD FX8320 which has served me well and will most likely get Home Theatre duty once I build the new system.

I know that when the FX series came out there were teething issue which happens with new architectures these days.

Reviews are great in that I know what benchmarks can do, for me however the greatest seller is user opinion.

Unfortunately most online opinions are either one or five stars with nothing in between.

Does anybody have any experience with the Ryzens? Are they stable? Have you had any issues arise?

I'm looking at recommended motherboards and memory online to help make sure that when this is done I'll have a good experience.

I'll be bringing over the following from my current PC:

2 2TB Seagate Green Backup Drives AMD Radeon 290X 4GB GPU

The current SSD (Kingston Hyper X 120GB) and Programs Drive (Seagate 7200RPM 2TB) will stay with the FX8320. Instead I'll start with a new larger SSD and another 2TB drive.

Any advice appreciated.

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