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AMD RX550 random FPS drops

  KIHA 20:04 04 Jan 2020

Hello everyone,

Recently, well more like two mounths ago, I started getting random and frequent FPS drops while playing games. The FPS drops maybe every twenty seconds and lasts for ten seconds. I have also noticed that the same thing is happening in some programs I'm using, like Discord, animations and scrolling just out of no where lose FPS (and no, it's not only because there's a lot of elements on the window).

I have tested this in games to see whether it's the character moving, just some areas in games, or just overall a very demanding game. It's none of this, my FPS literally drops even when I'm standing still whether there is a war happening in a very demanding game or it's just an empty flat world in Minecraft.

What's weird is that this is also happening to Windows, when I resize, move or scroll through folders I can literally see how the frame rate drops. My GPU isn't even that old, I bought it like in november in 2018, I bought a new BIOSTAR mother board, new AMD FX-8350 and new 8 GB ram card in summer 2019, everything worked fine until now.

At first, I thought the temperature is the problem, but seeing that it goes only up to 50°C made me think that this can't be a problem (right?). The fan is working fine, and like a month ago I deep cleaned my PC from dust.

Then my friend mentioned CPU bottlenecking the GPU. I checked that, searched whether my AMD FX-8350 could possobly bottleneck my GPU, found out they work fine together.

Then I went to AMD Radeon Settings, tried disabling everything that manipulates the FPS in order to get "better gameplay", it didn't help. I have also tried to raise GPU's frequency and the limit of power usage, no result. Temperature stayed the same though.

I tried to uninstall the GPU drivers, don't install them, and check if there's any change with FPS. NOPE. I literally had Microsoft Basic Display Adapter and the FPS was still once high, once low. And I yet again installed the drives, nothing.

I tried to put back my old GPU, installed the drivers and all, but that didn't fix anything either. And now I'm just confused, maybe GPU isn't the problem at all?

I also: did fresh Windows 10 reinstall three times, constantly update drivers whenever possible, and did clean driver install few times.

I have searched the Internet for the solution like a hundred times so far and I found nothing that solves my problem. Please help anyhow!

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