Amd Processor temp

  nar 13:57 03 Jul 2003

Just built a new pc and put a amd athlon 2000xp with coolmaster heatsink and fan in it. it runs at about 56-60 degrees and the system temp is about 32 degrees. is this too hot and is there anything i can do about it. it has also got a system fan on it. please help!

  Psiman 14:11 03 Jul 2003

No problem. Runs at the same temperature as my 2000xp does, 56 decC at the moment as recorded by click here

  BillEmm 15:30 03 Jul 2003

According to most monitor programs the limit is about 75C for AMD XP processors - but that is the limit and it should be considerably less in normal operation.

I get a bit jumpy if my temp guage goes above 50C for the CPU and 35C for the chassis - but this depends on the location of the sensor.

If I see temps above 55C then I assume the machine is clocked. If it is not then it is usually a homemade product which has the wrong cooling or the cpu cooler unit has been incorrectly pasted to the cpu chip.

I have two PCs - each with an AMD engine. One has the XP 2600+ Thoro'bred and the other the XP 3000+ Barton. The former runs about 39C and the latter 43C under normal operations. Sandra Pro can push them up a bit but they still stay well within my own specs.

Just my thoughts.


  nar 11:36 04 Jul 2003

i did build the pc myself but the chip was retail version and came with a heat sink and fan. also i have it running at 133 on the motherboard and 1.67 ghz as it really should be, so it is not really over clocked.

  The Transporter 12:41 04 Jul 2003

Im running an XP2700+ at standard settings and it runs at 38 degrees idle and 45 degrees fully loaded. I use a Coolermaster Aero7+ with the fan speed set to max.

I use arctic silver 3 conductive paste

My old XP2000+ used a normal coolermaster pure copper fan with the fan running at 8000 rpm and it kept the pc running at 38 and 48 idle and fully loaded.

I think you should try a thermal conductive paste like the one above and make sure that the cooler is sitting perfectly of the top of the pcu. Also put in a case fan to blow all the hot air out of the back of the case. including one at the front to blow the air through the case to the back.

Will reduce the temp by a good 5 degrees.

  Deano68 13:27 04 Jul 2003

i'm running an xp2000+ stays about 40-43 most of the time, got 2 fans sucking in at the front 1 at the side and 2 sucking out the top at the back and thats inside a computer cabinet with a door on the front but no back!

  BillEmm 13:30 04 Jul 2003

I support most of what The Transporter has written and it will be worth going through the process to ensure that the heat sink/fan combo has been installed correctly. Any slight mis-alignment can make a big difference to the temperature.

AMD produce a helpful document for builders and you can get it here:

click here

One thing I have found on my travels is that the AMD 2000 cpu can run at 5C higher than the more recent and higher speed models.


  nar 15:26 07 Jul 2003

Thank you to all who have posted responces to my problem. a big thank you to billemm for the link as well.


  sil_ver 17:43 07 Jul 2003

I found that the heatsink/fan supplied with the 2000XP is not really up to the job. I fitted a Zalman flower which lowered the temp considerably.

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