AMD Processor in a box (PIB)

  Grantrh 14:40 27 Nov 2004


I am interested in buying an AMD processor for a PC I am going to build.
My question is: when it says AMD processor in a box (PIB), does this mean that it comes with an AMD approved heatsink and fan in the box or not?

Any help gratefully received.

  Dorsai 14:52 27 Nov 2004

I think the best direction to direct this quiestion would be at company you are going to buy the CPU from.

this one does have a fan/heatsink. click here

but i dont think this one does click here

  Rayuk 14:52 27 Nov 2004

It comes with a heat sink and fan and has thermal paste already on[just check that there isnt a plastic cover that needs removing before installing it.
Also comes with I think 3 year warranty.

  Dorsai 14:54 27 Nov 2004

I have just noticed the difference in my two links, the one with the heatsink is 'BOX' the one with out 'OEM'

  Belatucadrus 14:57 27 Nov 2004

Just purchased oem AMD Sempron, supplied without documentation or cooling kit in brown cardboard box. Go with Dorsais suggestion and check with supplier.

  vinnyT 15:15 27 Nov 2004

Normally these will be advertised as either OEM or retail, with retail you get heatsink/fan and 3yr warranty (+ certificate of authenticity), OEM you don't.

  Grantrh 15:21 27 Nov 2004

Thanks guys I think that covers it.

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