AMD Pro 3600

  Sunil 18:23 24 Apr 2004

Can someone tell me what is AMD Pro3600+ Processor and 128Bit ProSavage 8 DDR Graphics. I mean What speed the processor is (compare to P4 OR Athlon xp) and is this mean the graphic card is on Board.


  Diodorus Siculus 19:15 24 Apr 2004

I can only find a couple of references:

"Mercury KM266 FDMxL + Duron 1800 (S,G,L) - All-in-one solution with an AMD Duron 1800+ which is flashed to a Pro 3600+ Processor. Amazing value for money with almost everything you need included"

This one does not inspire any confidence in me... but it may be a well known procedure.
click here

click here= for an ebay item.

  Rayuk 19:43 24 Apr 2004

What an earth does that mean flashed to 3600+?

Overclock I have heard of,but to double up from 1800 to 3600 I would have thought you would require special cooling.

As you might imagine I am a little sceptical of this setup.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:48 24 Apr 2004

Rayuk - no idea; as I say, that was the only reference I could find and I was not very confident that it was a good idea.

  Rayuk 19:53 24 Apr 2004

Will have to have a look for info now as I have never heard of a Pro3600+ cpu either.

  Sunil 20:21 24 Apr 2004

any other suggestion I won this on EBAY but I bid it by mistake I thought its 3600 athlon but THATS MY LUCK. One more thing Do I have to buy this .I mean Am I legaly bound to buy this.


  Sunil 21:12 24 Apr 2004

any advice please?

  pmjd 21:24 24 Apr 2004

I think you are stuck with your bid on Ebay. However you may be able to get it retracted as the processor it mentions doesn't actually exist!

Contact the seller and ask exactly what model is?

  Diodorus Siculus 23:29 24 Apr 2004

I think that you are legally / morally bound to buy this. But it depends on how it was advertised and what T&Cs are relevant to the vendor.

  stalion 23:39 24 Apr 2004

Type in AMD PRO 3600 on yahoo it does exist.Regards

  pmjd 00:04 25 Apr 2004

I did a both a google and yahoo search on "AMD PRO 3600" and found nothing aside from the ebay page describing the item Sunil has purchased.

Lets just clear this up there is NO such processor as the AMD pro 3600.

The nearest possibility is an AMD64 3600+ processor but as these haven't yet been released and the mobo in the description is a socket A, which is incompatible with the AMD64 processor line.

The fastest processors in the AMD socket A line up is an Athlon XP 3200+ (check AMD's website is you don't believe me).

Even checked the seller's website, they don't list a "pro" version of any AMD processor they sell.

Other guesses are that the chip has been overclocked or the seller messed up with the descriptions.

Best advice to Sunil is to contact the seller and findout exactly what it is you've bought. It might not be as bad as you think. Depending on the processor it may be a good deal after all!

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