AMD or Intel...AGAIN!!! ;-)

  gdawg 16:24 12 Mar 2003

I know this is an old subject, in many ways up there with Mac vs PC....but I just want some opinions. I am not an AMD or an Intel guy, i just want what will do the job (in my case, high end gaming with a bit of office stuff). So, my issue....having read several PC publications, it seems as if they must use completely different testing systems, that bear no relation to one another, or some are in the pockets of one or other of the processor manufacturers. While one magazine rates an Athlon XP 2700+ and nforce2 system as top notch, beating systems up to and including P4 3GHz, other magazines reviewing a similarly specified system as 'just not able to keep up with the Intel systems', when up against 2.66 and 2.8GHz Pentiums. Is this down to different benchmarks favouring different systems? Does it really make a difference in the real world? Shall I just go and watch swirly shapes on my TV and forget about the crazy world of PCs?

For the record my current system is a Gateway P2 400MHz, no good for when Doom 3 comes out! ;-)

  Pilch.... 17:28 12 Mar 2003

AMD gives you more £/mhz but if you want a good spec and lots of cash get P4

  gdawg 18:03 12 Mar 2003

And yet, the fine publication upon whose forum we are writing says the AMD platform has the performance edge at the moment....

  obbit 18:24 12 Mar 2003

i would say AMD. cheaper and better performance

  duplo 18:36 12 Mar 2003

AMD are good chips, expecially in the £/Mhz (or rated speed) stakes.

As you I have read many articles all over giving conflicting views.

A simple way to look at it, the money you save in the actuall chip can be spent on more RAM and a better graphics card...all ideal for 'real world' performance!

Go AMD if I where you... either save some money and still have great performance, or spend the same amount and have a machine that would knock the spots of a similarly priced P4 system!

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