AMD or Intel P4 for a new build ?

  Sparkly 18:47 29 Dec 2006

Hi guys i have built systems before for freinds and family,i have allways stuck with intell P4s (dont know why just have)but i am about to start buying parts for a new build and have been looking at this item on ebay ASROCK AM2NF6G-VSTA Socket AM2 Motherboard with an AMD ATHLON 64 X2 4200+ SKT-AM2 Processor as i have never used the AMD processor's before i was hoping to get some advise on which was the better of the two Intel or the AMD for speed and reliability. I have posted a link to what i have been looking at please feel free to add your opinions and or advise.
click here

click here

  woodchip 18:51 29 Dec 2006

I have always used AMD but the Intel Duo is the best at the moment for raw power

  anskyber 18:58 29 Dec 2006

I would go for the AMD on this occasion. woodchip is right on the Intel comment but that is for "core duo" processors whereas your e Bay choice is the older dual core. It is still very good but for me the AMD it only bettered by the core duo not dual core.

Confusing isn't it!

  Ginge1980 22:18 29 Dec 2006

I'm using the AMD 4400+ (same processor with more cache) v. happy with it. Can't offer any technical info on it but its performed superb for well over a year now - didn't like being over clocked though; won't be trying it again!!! Leave that for the graphics card - cheaper to replace!
The only other duel core I've used was an intel, can't give you much detail on it but my AMD powered machine was noticeably quicker.
I would definatly use AMD again, next time will hopefully be in a 'quad core' set-up.... better get saving!
Good luck with the new machine

  Totally-braindead 22:49 29 Dec 2006

The processor costs £108.99 from Dabs click here the board costs £35.69 from Dabs, I think its the same board click here total £144.68 so what they are selling is not a good deal.

Looking at the board again it would appear the one for sale on Ebay is different as its onboard, couldn't find it elsewhere but its still likely to be about £50 and therefore the Ebay item is not that great, for the same money you can get better deals.

  Sparkly 08:09 30 Dec 2006

Thanks woodchip,anskyber,Ginge1980 it's allways a help when someone lets you know thier feelings on which processor they have been useing and are happy with. Cheers.
Thanks to you allso Totally-braindead they do look the same and we all like a saving!!! thanks for the link will take a better look at it.
Down to me now.
Thanks for all your help guys. Have a good new year.

  ashdav 11:44 30 Dec 2006

I'm using that processor myself and can't fault it.
If you do go ahead and build it up I strongly recommend you follow the guide click here in the first post. It solved a couple of niggles for me.

  Sparkly 09:30 31 Dec 2006

Thanks for that ashdav i will be going to build the pc and i think its time to try the AMD so your link is a help.

Many thanks to all of the people who help us with our problems and give great advise, we dont see faces but you see regular names to help us.
Many thanks and a happy new year.
Cheers guy's

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