AMD & Intel processor speeds - I'm really confused

  mitey_won 16:06 04 May 2005

Can anyone clear this up for me?
HL2 lost cost add-on (not yet release) says that its minimum processor spec will be 3.2 ghz.
Its reasonably clear when you have an Intel chip, but what does that mean for AMD users? What model is the AMD equivalent?

I, like many people have a pc with an Athlon chip - (2800+ clocked at 2.05 ghz, i think) but we are often told that AMD chips run faster than Intel chips and this might be equivalent to say an intel 2.8 ghz.

So how do AMD chip owners know when they meet the minimum spec for any game as AMD use really dumb and confusing terminology ?

I wish they could come up with some kind of industry standard or speed rating.

  mattyc_92 16:12 04 May 2005

Simply right-click onto "My Computer" to check the clock speed... I think that yours is around 1.8Ghz (as my processor is a "AMD Athlon 64 3400+" which has a clock speed of "2.45ghz"

  mattyc_92 16:13 04 May 2005

sorry, right-click onto "My COmpuetr" and select "Properties"

  Joe R 16:23 04 May 2005


My last system had an Athlon2800+, and ran at 2.08 Gh The athlon cpu's naming roughly converts to the same speed, as the Intel CPU's.

Intels latest range of CPU's, have also changed to numbers not relating, to the actual speed of the cpu.

Amd chips, run more processes, at a lower speed, Than the Intel chips, with the pentium cpu's, only taking the plaudits, for video-editing.

  Joe R 16:24 04 May 2005

Forgot to add, The AMD chips also run cooler.

  mitey_won 16:37 04 May 2005

thanks for the reply Matty but thats not what I meant.
I am saying that, I think it is recognised that AMD Athlons generally run faster than Intels of the same clock speed, although Intel seems to produce models which are clocked at higher speeds.

So question is, when a spec says, foe eg, min 3.2 ghz could you use an AMD processor clocked at slower speed?

  mitey_won 16:44 04 May 2005


So Id be right in saying that for 2800+ - read 2.8 Intel equivalent? So an Athlon 3200 would be same as intel 3.2 gig chip?
I wish they would give seperate Intel and AMD min processor ratings on games in the same detail as they specify graphics card requirements.

  Pooke100 16:54 04 May 2005

Just had a look at some of my games, most of them give a straight for forward requirement like: Processor 733MHZ or above etc. Although children of the nile game min spec P3/[email protected] and recommended as P4/[email protected]

I have an athlon xp 3200+ and it runs at 2.2GHz I would take it at face value if the game says P4 at 2.2 gig and my athlon is a 2.2g then there'll be no problem.

There is no table that says this P4 is the same as that Athlon.

I may be wrong.....


  Jdoki 16:56 04 May 2005

You are right....

Whatever the AMD stated speed is you can take it as a rough guide to be the MHz equivalent... So a 2800 is roughly equivalent to a 2.8GHz.

However this is partly dependant on the application. For example, in gaming an AMD64 3500 will usually beat an Intel 3.4GHz Extreme Edition. However, in DVD encoding the Intel will beat the AMD CPU by a fair margin.

Normally games will state both a minimum spec for AMD and Intel CPU's, but I don't think I've ever seen one that didn't just use the rough guide figures above.

  Joe R 17:01 04 May 2005


as far as I know, the game manufacturers, count an Athlon 2200xp the same as an Intel cpu running at 2.2Gh.

  fitcher 18:07 04 May 2005

your confused?/// what with amd 64bit socket 754//amd 64bit socket 939/ amd bit socket 940/
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