amd heat problems, cheap cure !!!!!!!!!!

  willhay 17:13 08 Jul 2003

A friend has been running a AMD 2000xp+, and during this spell of weather it has warmed up to 57-58odegc, and then it just freezes up, I have put on a h/s and fan for a amd 3000= and still it gets too hot.
I took the processor out and put it in my system and it gets to 53 deg but is stable. I put my processor in his machine (AMD 1800xp+) and it runs at a cool 42 degc ( h/s and fan went with the processor). My question is what will he lose in performance if i leave my processor in his machine, I havent noticed any differance using his processor in my machine, he is not really pc literate and does not use any cpu intensive programs, and yes I will tell him I swapped the cpu's

  Kudu 17:34 08 Jul 2003

His MHz will drop approx. 8%

It sounds as though the circulation or case fans are better in your case.

  barrie_g 17:34 08 Jul 2003

He's going to be running a slower chip so of course he's going to loose performance, will he notice, not unless he is going to be benchmarking his system soon or runs some very demanding games.

  Rayuk 18:37 08 Jul 2003

Did you use the thermal pad or arctic silver[best way to go].
Only other way to go is buy better heat sink and fan.

And as Kudu says check he has case fans.

You could download Motherboard Monitor
and see what the case fan temp is before deciding whether to go for better cpu cooler or case here

  Rayuk 18:39 08 Jul 2003

Sorry case temp not case fan temp

  willhay 19:08 08 Jul 2003

have motherboard monitor running and have 2 case fans fitted

  Prof ;o) 20:51 08 Jul 2003

performance difference between 1800+ and 2000+ are VERY marginal you could run a demanding game on a pc with a 1800+ then with that same pc put a 2000+ in and that game would still stutter and cough as before, essentially the XP2000+ was created to replace the 1800+ but the 1800+ was very popular with OEM's thus it never compleatly died out.


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