AMD & Gigabyte..... Which one?!?!?!?

  dmertl 13:59 19 May 2005

I'm stuck!!

I want to upgrade and get an AMD Athlon 64 cpu but can't decide on which is the best one to get. I've narrowed it down to two the 3700+ or the 4000+ both are socket 939 and both have 1MB of L2 Cache. The 4000+ has clock speed of 2.4Ghz and 3700+ 2.2Ghz.... Should I read into any of this??? Is there any noticeable difference between the two??? (apart from the price!) Can't decide on which to go for; both are fast so help me decide please.

This leads me to the next part, the motherboard. which one to go for. I've looked at so many I dont know which is good and which isn't.

I would preferably like one that has AGP on it as I already have an AGP graphics card.

I have been looking at the Gigabyte
GA-K8NS Ultra-939 nForce3 Ultra chipset

Is this any good? or what else could be recommended????

Many thanks for your help

  961 14:17 19 May 2005

You won't notice any difference in performance between 3700 and 4000. Go for the cheapest

939 pin is certainly the board to go for, and Gigabyte has always worked well for me, both in performance and support

  Indigo 1 14:24 19 May 2005

Toms Hardware Guide is one of the best for reviewing the latest hardware and they have a review on the 64 bit boards here click here . All the boards appear to have AGP and PCIe slots so you don't need to dump your AGP card straight away, there is no mention of the Gigabyte board but they are not very highly rated so it doesn't surprise me.

If you search their articles I am sure you will find details of the CPU's you are looking at and a decent comparison too.

  Indigo 1 14:34 19 May 2005

Sorry I appear to have got it wrong, they do not have AGP slots.

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