AMD Firepro 2270 Dual Monitor Card - Fire Risk?

  babybell 12:10 20 Feb 2013

My works computer runs two monitors using an AMD Firepro 2270 motherboard/card.

Where the computer is left on overnight, the board has warped and caused the monitors to fail.

The card has been replaced and everything is fine again, but the boss wants to know, is there a potential fire risk with a warping board, or is this highly unlikely?

  Forum Editor 12:23 20 Feb 2013

There have been quite a few reported cases of this card distorting due to excessive heat. The problem is/was heatsink related, and AMD have subsequently made a modification to the card which seems to have solved the issue.

I have seen no reports of fire as a result of the heatsink problem, and in truth I think the card would fail before that kind of temperature was reached. Perhaps the best precaution would be to shut down the machine overnight, unless there's a specific reason to keep it running.

  Bris 16:02 20 Feb 2013

Any electrical equipment left on overnight unattended is a potential fire risk. Turning off equipment not in use also saves electricity.

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