AMD Duron 1.6GHz 100MHz FSB to run a XP O's

  Giggle n' Bits 22:13 06 Nov 2003

Has anyone built a computer recently using a AMD Duron CPU with the 100FSB and run WinXP O's.

Just curios how the running of a machine base on these Duron's would be with the XP Home o's and a stick of say 256MB PC2100

I know they wouldn't fly along but is there any probs or running probs ?.

  alan 2273 22:22 06 Nov 2003

In january I built a friend a computer - 1.3 duron - jetway mobo 512mb pc133 sdram and a 32mb graphics card. Xp pro installed and no problems.
As you say it won`t fly but it does all it was built for.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:00 07 Nov 2003

Also also M8 flecc (long time no see).

You all put my mind at rest and I think I will buld a basic machine based on the Duron 1.6GHz

According to this place the 1.6GHz Duron spec says its got a 100MHz FSB Can someone tell me if this is the error on there page ref the Data for hte Duron Spec ? click here

If you click on the details which is a ! mark it pops up a window with the spec in.

Erhh what would DiSse and BSOD say for a AGP card on a budget, something like GF4 MX440 ? or ATI Radeon 7000 ?

Also i find this interesting feedback.

  Stuartli 00:34 07 Nov 2003

I have a 400MHz Celeron, 256MB of RAM and XP Pro - speed is more than ample for me...:-)

I also use systems with 900Mhs and 2MHz plus AMD chips and, on dialup, the difference in speed in downloads and page loading is almost indiscerable.

  Giggle n' Bits 12:11 07 Nov 2003

if it has a FSB of 100MHz or 133MHz.

I am leaving the post open to see if anyone has more vertification on this.

  Giggle n' Bits 19:54 07 Nov 2003

in my Post ! I think most people just accept the Duron as being a standard CPU with 1 FSB where here it has been proved to come in the two FSB speeds. I know the Duron at times can sound a bit boring but its going to help me put together a basic ish budget machine for a older family member.

I would go for one of them built in CPU's on Elite boards but apparently I read there specs are not what they seem to be so prefer to use a seperate CPU.

Again Thank you all here M8 bsod, The Sack (where did you get that name from?) Terminus, M8 DieSse,
duplo, stuartli, flec and Alan.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:33 11 Nov 2003

These Durons are becoming value for money.

Cheers M8 BSOD !

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