Amd driver issue with my r9 380 card

  CurtisBridge 15:49 22 Jul 2018

Hi, in 2016 i changed my graphics card to a R9 380 card, the card worked well for the games that I ran until i got a problem when my screen would go black and then restart-sometimes it wouldn't and id have to restart my PC- and it would come up with the error message: "amd driver has stopped working but recovered" i managed to fix this temporarily with the more popular fixes but it started again. In the end i resulted to clean reinstalling all my graphics drivers. It worked at first but now when i use games, opera, or chrome, my screen goes black and restarts but without the usual error message. What should I do first and how to i troubleshoot the issue that is causing this error? I have tried turning back the driver type but it acted strange and resulted in me having to reinstall the drivers, however, this is a fix i haven't properly explored. I also use windows 10 pro and never had any problems like this with my last graphics, i have a gigs of ram, and could of knocked that when installing the graphics card however I used command prompt to check for ram issues and it said there where none. How can i stop this?

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