AMD cpu upgrade help

  archie330 10:50 24 May 2005

I want to upgrade my cpu from AMD athlon 1300 to 2600 which is the maximum my Asrock K7S8X mobo will allow.I am pretty sure I can do the physical hardware upgrade but what will I need to do to the bios and is it fairly straight forward?

  mattyc_92 10:57 24 May 2005

Very straight forward....

1) Find out what "socket" your motherboard takes...

2) buy the processor

3) Unscrew the side-covers from the sys (making sure no power is being supplied to the system)

3) Take the "heatsink" off and pull the "leaver" that holds the processor in place up... Remove processor and insert new one

4) Place the heatsink back onto the motherboard (but push the leaver back down to hold the processor)

5) For the BIOS, you may need to reset, so just remove the "CMOS battery" (sliver disk) and leave for 10 mins... But it back in and close the system and turn it on...

All this is normally explained (with diagrams) on a A4 piece of paper inside the processor's box...

  PsiFox 13:38 24 May 2005

It's a socket 462 mobo. However the fastest prcessor you can fit is dependent on

Which revision of the board is it (usally on mobo beside Model it will say REV 1.0 or similar)

Also which version of the bios are you currently running?

  keef6 13:54 24 May 2005

couple of additional points:-

1.)Make sure your existing heat sink / fan is sufficient to cool your new processor. If unsure, buy the boxed retail version of the processor which will include the neccessary HS / fan. (and you'll then also benefit from the manufacturer's warranty should anything go wrong)

2.)If reusing the original, you will have to remove the remains of the old thermal paste / pad from the underside of the heatsink (using a plastic scraper, and some solvent like acetone) and reapply new thermal compound before installing.

The boxed retail CPU / HS / fan should include the thermal goo / pad

  TomJerry 14:30 24 May 2005

buy correct processor, i.e. find out the FSB frequency 266 or 333 and then find correct CPU with correct socket and correct FSB frequency

  dan11 14:33 24 May 2005

It does say that your board is capable of taking the barton 3000+ click here
click here

  archie330 14:36 24 May 2005

Thanks for answering, guys.
The mobo version is K7S8X version 3.
Bios is American Megatrends P2.20.
So am I right in thinking an AMD 2600 should be OK?

  archie330 14:41 24 May 2005

My fsb is 133MHz so would that rule out the barton 3000? (Ram is DDR =266MHz.)

  dan11 14:47 24 May 2005

" Thanks for answering, guys. The mobo version is K7S8X version 3. Bios is American Megatrends P2.20. So am I right in thinking an AMD 2600 should be OK? "


Your athlon 1300 could be either the 100mhz or 133mhz model. If it is the 133mhz model then you will not have to do anything in the bios, it will auto detect and run. :-)

If it is the 100mhz athlon 1300, then you will have to alter a set of jumpers on the motherboard, very easy to do.

If you require the jumper settings and locations, post back.

  dan11 14:54 24 May 2005

we cross posted;-)

that's good then, it should plug and play. lol

You will find that there is a series of jumpers on the motherboard that will alter the fsb of the board. click here

So the option is there if you ever wanted to go to a barton, not much point though if you are going to put in a 266fsb 2600+

  archie330 16:15 24 May 2005

Thanks for the info.
Just so I've got it right -
1st option:AMD 2800 with 133fsb = no bios changes.

Option:AMD barton 3000 with 133fsb - bios changes?

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