AMD CPU temperature

  Newuser1758 21:01 01 Oct 2004

As a complete beginner I have constructed my own computer using Gigabyte motherboard with an AMD xp 2600+ PSU. The operating system is Windows XP Home. My objective is to obtain a computer running as silently as possible. Everything appears to be OK, but I am concerned about the temperature of the system and processor which is currently running at 63C the case ar 38C and sensor at 30C. My question is: Is it safe to continue at these temperatures.

  james3 21:09 01 Oct 2004

My AthlonXP 3200+ runs at a maximum of 44 degrees under full load, without any case fans. I'm not too sure what the maximum temperature is, I have a feeling that its 90 degrees so you should be alright.

  Sion 21:15 01 Oct 2004

hmm, i'd be concerned at those temps to be honest with you. above 55 is time to get concerned i believe. Few tips to help you first of.
1. check for updates for motheboard bios. i built some PC's a while ago for some friends, using an MSI motherboard, but the temperatures were stupidly high. Turned out that the bios was known to falsely report temperatures about 5-10 degrees hotter than it really was. So you may want to try that out first.

Secondly, what heatsink and fan are you using on that processor, and how many case fans do you have?

  Newuser1758 22:48 01 Oct 2004

Sion thank you for your reply. The Gigabyte mother board is the very latest an the BIOS I am sure is up to date. In the construction I used a Quitepc Acoustacase and installed a Zalman Flower cooler with 90mm fan and fan mate, initially the the PSU ran at 70c and I installed two 120mm Zalman fans in the case and re-installed the Flower Cooler after cleaning the contact surfaces of the PSU and Cooler and applying fresh contact paste very thin, this brought the PSU temperature down to 58c but increased the noise. To overcome the noise I have disconnected the two 120mm fans and the Cooler fan is running in silent mode. This is satisfactory so far as noise is concerned, but the CPU temperature has increased to 64c, hence the cry for help. Is it safe to run at this temperature?
Les Dinning

  SANTOS7 22:52 01 Oct 2004

click here some good info here,good luck

  Newuser1758 23:07 01 Oct 2004

Thank you Santos7. It does make good reading and has done much to calm my fears. The computer is stable and is a delight to use with the Zalman Fan running in silent mode albiet the CPU at 63c. I had installed a Quitepc PSU in my previous machine a AMD 800Mhz and that ran fairly quitely, but was was a bit slow for graphics, mainly photographs.
Les Dinning

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