AMD CPU rating?

  dagwoood 12:29 05 Sep 2004

I've been looking at what different cpu's AMD has to offer and I'd be grateful for some clarification on how they "rate" their cpu's.

Now, when just the Athlon XP's were introduced, the rating system was to show how they performed when compared to Pentium cpu's. With the introduction of Athlon 64's, does this still hold true, or is the number they give them just a model number and not a reflection of their performance?

Would a Athlon XP 3000+ provide the same performance as an Athlon64 3000+?

To further muddy things, the Sempron.

I know this has been introduced to go head to head with the Celeron D cpu, but how they rate the Sempron, is the rating a reflection of how it would compare to a Celeron cpu only?

Or would the Sempron 3100+ outperform the Athlon xp 3000+?

I've googled and been on the AMD site but haven't found anything to directly compare one AMD cpu to another with regards to performance.

Any advice/info appreciated, dagwoood.

  cream. 14:40 05 Sep 2004

Have you been to the AMD EDGE / cpu support forum / sempron click here

Quite a lot of useful information on sempron's and other cpu's.

  bremner 15:00 05 Sep 2004

Some good info on the Semperon can be had click here

  dagwoood 19:29 05 Sep 2004

Thank you for the links guys.

I hadn't come across the AMD support forum, it'll take me a while to sort throught all the different threads but from what I've read so far, it looks interesting and informative.

Cheers, dagwoood.

  cream. 00:02 06 Sep 2004

Yes there are some very knowledgeable guys there.;-)

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