AMD Cool N Quiet

  MarvintheAndroid 22:06 16 Aug 2008

Here's one I didn't know (until today)

Quote from AMD web site :

Enabling Cool ‘n’ Quiet™ Technology

To enable the Cool ‘n’ Quiet feature on a Windows XP system, you have to change the power scheme. Open the ‘Power Options’ from the Control Panel. Choose the power scheme ‘Minimal Power Management’ and click ‘OK’ to enable Cool ‘n’ Quiet.

On a Windows 2000 or Windows ME system, an AMD Cool ‘n’ Quiet tab will appear under Power Options when the Cool ‘n’ Quiet software for Windows 2000 and Windows ME is installed. This must be set to “Automatic Mode” for Cool ‘n’ Quiet to be enabled.


I tried this on my MSI, and the MSI Core Centre CPU speed monitor reduced from 2411 to 1004 and the CPU core temperature dropped by several degrees in a few seconds !!

Now why wasn't that in the manual !


  rossgolf 22:57 16 Aug 2008

its in the manual on the cd for you mobo. well it is on mine :D

  Pesala 23:05 16 Aug 2008

That's the first I heard of it too. I have had my current PC for well over a year, and my previous PC also had an AMD processor.

With the latest electricity price rises I'm looking for a pedal powered generator to run my PC!

  crosstrainer 23:12 16 Aug 2008

In the BIOS setup screen of all modern motherboards.

  MarvintheAndroid 01:17 17 Aug 2008

Yes, crosstrainer, I know that - but the BIOS setup screen is just on/off, it doesn't tell you to change the Windows XP power settings, does it ?

My motherboard manual just explained that it uses cool n quiet technology to reduce the processor speed when not being used - but it didn't say anything about going into control panel and changing the power settings. I had cool n quiet enabled in BIOS, but I had no idea it wasn't actually doing anything !!!


  crosstrainer 01:27 17 Aug 2008

If disabled in the BIOS it won't!

  mobileman1953 08:33 17 Aug 2008

how do you enable it with vista

  [email protected] 08:52 17 Aug 2008

with vista as long as it's enabled in bios, just select 'balanced' from power options will turn it on. however the last 2 amd motherboards i have had it has been disabled in bios as it causes a major performance hit on quad cores, at the moment there are no quad optimisers so windows sort of alternates between the cores, causing then to ramp the power up and down which can seriouly effect performance on certain applications. if you want quiet you can enable 'q' or smart fan from bios. if you have c&q turned of it's also worth using an after market cooler imho.

  MarvintheAndroid 11:40 17 Aug 2008

Quote "I had cool n quiet enabled in BIOS, but I had no idea it wasn't actually doing anything !!!"

Quote" If disabled in the BIOS it won't!"

Yeah thanks for the helpful comment. This posting is about AMD's advice on Windows power schemes, not BIOS. Please read before posting.

I expect there are a few XP users out there who assumed like me that if the AMD cool n quiet CPU driver is loaded, and cool n quiet is enabled in the BIOS, then it's working.

Point is it might not be. You need to check the Windows Power scheme as well.

Nuff zed.


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