AMD Catalyst driver 15.7 causes problems

  AlanPCA 21:28 13 Jul 2015

I have a basic Acer tower AMD E1-1200 APU with Radeon HD 7310 Graphics running Windows 8.1. I am not a gamer, I just have the PC for basic home use. I received the email from AMD announcing the release of Driver 15.7 ready for Windows 10. I used the AMD auto-detect tool, downloaded and installed the driver using AMD Catalyst Control Center. BIG MISTAKE!!

Now I get a warning message on starting the desktop that the AMD Driver is not recognised. Now videos won't play in IE 11 (eg iPlayer), Windows Media Player just gives up. Quicktime is jerky but plays. Fortunately, I can get iPlayer etc to run using Chrome browser. The AMD Forum has a number of complaints but no answers.

I tried recovering to the earlier restore point but that fails. I have read up on AMD and can't see a way to use the installer to get back to an earlier driver. I am only offered 15.7 as the latest driver.

AMD may release a fix but does anyone have any ideas on what to do? Thanks

  chub_tor 22:21 13 Jul 2015

All your previously downloaded AMD drivers should be stored in the C:\AMD folder. For example I have 14.2, 14.9 and 15.7 in mine ( I have deleted all the others). You should be able to go to that folder and open up one of the previous versions and run it by double clicking on setup.

  AlanPCA 15:50 14 Jul 2015

Thanks guys, I'll give it a try when I get home.

  AlanPCA 12:40 16 Jul 2015

I looked in C:\AMD and the folder structure I have is

  • AMD-Catalyst-15.7

  • Support

    -- 13-9

    -- 14-4

I executed Setup in 14-4 folder which installed successfully and I restarted the PC. I tried videos in Youtube and iPlayer using IE11 and those worked. Great!

Then I tried later and was back with the old problem. When I used Device Manager to check Display Adapters then the driver is back to 15.7! Should I have deleted or moved the 15.7 folder from directly under C:\AMD at some stage and moved 14-4 up from Support?

Hopefully nearly there but a bit more help needed.

  chub_tor 19:01 16 Jul 2015

Not sure if this would have made a difference but did you uninstall 15.7 before installing 14.4? Or did Windows Update change it back for you automatically?

  AlanPCA 11:58 17 Jul 2015

I read the AMD forum on how to uninstall. It says to use the the Windows program uninstall to remove the AMD Catalyst Install Manager which came with the driver download, BUT NOT if you have an AMD CPU as I have. So, I am not sure how to just uninstall the 15.7 driver first.

What I did was to run Setup from the 14.4 folder which went OK and seemed to work for a while ie I could play videos. Then I assume Windows switched it back to 15.7 automatically.

The folder structure under C:\AMD has 15.7 folders at the top, then the earlier drivers at a level down under Support. That is why I was wondering if I needed to move any folders there. See my previous post.

Since I have the previous driver on my PC, I just need to know how to get it back safely.

  chub_tor 12:15 17 Jul 2015

Have you tried rolling back the driver as rdave13 suggested earlier?

  AlanPCA 15:09 18 Jul 2015

I used Device Manager to roll back the driver as suggested. Roll back completed to give me driver 14 but the screen size shrunk (there was a black border around the display) and the icons not crisp. I tried to run a video and it worked but the picture was very grainy. This was not acceptable.

I then went to the driver support section of AMD. Rather than let AMD decide what was the best driver for me, I put in all the attributes of my system which gave me another version of Catalyst 15.7.

The initial driver download unpacked to folder AMD-Catalyst-15.7-Without-DOTNet45-Win8.1-64bit This time it unpacked to folder AMD-Catalyst-15.7-With-DOTNet45-Win8.1-64bit.

I ran the Catalyst installer for this version and it went OK. The screen size returned, the icons were crisp and the videos worked OK. HOWEVER, the installer gave a message that a restart is needed to complete the installation. I restarted and the problem had returned so no videos again. Something in the restart messes it up.

Now the Device Manager has the roll back driver button greyed out.

AMD state that driver 15.7 has been thoroughly tested. Is there some way to get another clean installation of 15.7 and should this be with or without DOTNet45? AMD say I can't use Windows program uninstall as I have the AMD CPU.

  AlanPCA 21:35 18 Jul 2015

I have a restore point before the first update to 15.7 and that was the first thing I tried. Unfortunately the restore failed with a message that there was a disk error on C drive and to run CHKDSK. Ran this and it found no errors. Reran restore with the same disk error so there is no way back! I did force a manual restore point after 15.7 and before I started fixing and I have been able to restore to this one.

I now find that I can use the AMD installer to reinstall 15.7 and videos play but once I do a restart then the problem is back. Confused!

  AlanPCA 19:11 23 Jul 2015

Update driver tab only shows me drivers that I can see in the AMD folder. I have already tried installing version 14 with poor results (see earlier post). The AMD forum has posts of other things not working after installing 15.7. I think that 15.7 has caused or exposed codec problems with videos so I will start to look at fixing those whilst monitoring AMD for updates.

  AlanPCA 14:17 08 Aug 2015

I did try version 15.7.1 as a supposed improvement to 15.7 but this didn't fix it.

I put an entry on the AMD forum. I was contacted by AMD (who must have read my entry). I was given links to and instructions on how to remove old graphics drivers.

Then to run sfc \scannow, go to Windows Update for anything outstanding then download and run DDU to remove any AMD drivers remaining.

Then back to to first manually select Chipsets to install the Chipset drivers. Then go to the page for previous drivers and select version 14 display drivers. This worked and solved the video problems. I'll stick with this version now as there is something in 15 that upsets my machine.

Thanks to the AMD guy for the help.

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