AMD Barton processors

  User-7A745D18-AA77-4264-9D17E76CC8A1664E 12:31 14 Oct 2003

I have just upgraded my PC with amongst other things, an AMD XP2600+ processor.

I had some trouble with getting the processor to run at the correct speed, a probldm which I have now resolved.

When I checked the CPU frequency agains the table provided with my motherboard, it appears that I have the Barton vesion of the XP2600+, which runs at a slower speed than the standard XP2600+ 333mhz version.

Is there any difference in performance between the Barton and standard versions of this processor? I don't recall any reference to this being a Barton vesion when placing my order with Dabs.

  goonerbill 13:02 14 Oct 2003

what speed is ya cpu running at. also download adia32 click here this will help identify ya cpu.

It's running at 1.92 ghz. FSB is 166 multiplied by 11.5. This is consistent with the table supplied with the motherboard

  goonerbill 22:55 14 Oct 2003

looks as if you do have a barton 2600+. not to worry, it will out perform the 2600+ 333fsb thoroughbred, even the 2500+ barton is better.

  BeForU 02:20 15 Oct 2003

basically the bartons may have lower clock speeds but they are made up for the better performance cause of the bigger cache memory!

Thanks for clarifying this for me.

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