AMD AthlonXP2600. Are bios and fsb, clock speed ?

  tufnut 15:04 16 Jun 2003

Time Amdxp2600 cpu, Motherboard,msi_ms6712 1.0.
On belerac version 5.11
Processer 1266mhz amd athlon xp
128kb primary memory cache
256kb secondary memory cache
MAIN Cicuit Board
bus clock 100 mhz
Bios: American megatrends,Ver.0700t 04/02/01.
Is the Bios correct?
1024MB ddr pc2700 ram 333mhz fitted.

Please help.tufnut. Please keep it simple.

The Bus Clock should be 166 (This is the setting for 333Mhz) and the multiplier is 6.25. Therefore, 6.25 x 333 = 2081 which is as near as dammit to the 2079 that my XP2600 is running at (Real time)

  Gaz 25 17:48 16 Jun 2003

Or set the multiplier to auto, if there is this setting.

  Gaz 25 17:50 16 Jun 2003

Time PC? Ummm.

  tufnut 17:54 16 Jun 2003

Thanks for the input,smiffy99,I will go into bios and see if I can change to 166mghz. I put selection to "High performance but only managed 104mghz....I checked the CPU when I was given a go ahead number from "Time" a while ago. this is on the CPU: AMD Athlon AXda 2600dkv3d. so why does
"belerac" tell me its only an amd athlon 1266
(1366 in high performance selection,In bios).
This has me worried. I checked it on BMX Benchmark and the Graph was lower than an AMD1700

  tufnut 17:58 16 Jun 2003

Thanks Gas25 you were not there when I started typing.

  tufnut 18:54 16 Jun 2003

Thanks you guy's, I am now showing a considerable improvement in performance according to BMX, The graphs have now shot past the AMD1700 marks But I would still like to know why "Belerac" is telling me that I have a "1266mhz AMd Athlon CPU?(Soft Sandra) reports it as an AMDXP2600. or am I asking <daft questions>? Changed Bus Clock
setting to 166 and now it is reading as 170 in
"Belerac Adviser". All the best,tufnut.

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