amd athlon xp processor speeds

  willhay 12:45 15 Feb 2003

I've just installed an AMD Athlon XP 1800+ processor and my system on boot up sees it as such, but when i look in system profile it is only 1.54, thats like owning a jag with an escort engine in, what do these figures relate to

That is the actual speed of your processor 1.54 ghz.

Due to the specifications of the Athlon XP's, the "New" way to describe the speed is to relate it to the equivilent Intel speed. So, a 1.54 Athlon XP hs, potentially, the same speed in terms of calculations etc as a 1.8Ghz intel CPU.

Intel still lead the way in terms of "real" speed, but by the very nature of the Athlons design, it can compete IN SOME RESPECTS with a faster Intel chip.

Wheter this is justified or not is a matter of personal choice, but watch out for the new "Barton" core Athlons arriving soon, should be interesting!

  cheapskate2k 14:30 15 Feb 2003

The new 3000+ runs at 2.167ghz I think, that would make its clock speed only a bit faster than my 2400+ but in real terms it will be loads faster according to AMD. Getting very confusing!

  Paul2003 14:35 15 Feb 2003

The XP3000 is about 3 times the price of my XP2400 :-)


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  powerless 14:41 15 Feb 2003

The New Bartons have 512KB of cache that helps them ;-)

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Processors are little tiny flexible gizmos that nobody really understands until they post a link like i have just done.

Exception: If you deal with, design etc processors, then you should know a hell of alot more than i do.

I have my old PII 350MHz and when i compare it to my XP2400+ (2GHz) there is no difference in surfing the web, word processing, i would say in general theres no noticable difference.

When you get to the stage of photo editing there is a differnce but i think thats mainly down to more RAM. Video editing well i dont actually do that myself but converting a 4.1 .mov into a MPEG takes about 5 seconds. On the PII it takes about a minute...

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