AMD Athlon wrong speed follow on...

  Epirb406 19:33 06 Feb 2004

Hi folks, orginal posting here:click here

It reads as rather confusing 'cos I was learning as I went!

New situation not quite the same as the old but not far off.

Motherboard is ECS K7S5A ver 1
Processor is Athlon 2400XP
Ram is 1 512 MB stick of 333Mhz.

If I set Bios to either Optimal or Best Performance settings it works fine, however on boot up it is only reconising the processor as an 1800+.

My options in the BIOS menu are limited to speed: 100/100, 100/133, 133/133.

After my last set of postings I had both set at 133 and on boot chip was recognised as XP 2400+ but after, I THINK a visit from the Doom worm (now cleaned up(Norton)) and a couple of hefty crashes and video card problems I cannot get back to where I was.

Machine won't boot on 133/133 error messages include:

File Navex(02) 000406aa error OE 0028:CICA4AFA
OD:C1B4:00000204 While initialising device SAVRT.
and multiple Windows protection errors.

Currently set on 100/133 and working fine.

Many thanks for your patience and reading.

Cheers, Epirb.

PS with all these articles about overclocking about I can't even clock!

  pinka 19:48 06 Feb 2004

ive not been able to pull up mutch from your error report but SAVRT seems to be a Norton file and from this search seems to cause a few problems click here but i cant see anything that would link this to the speed of your processor

  bremner 19:50 06 Feb 2004

click here and look three down and you will see a BIOS upgrade to enable support for 2400+ and 2600+ processors.

Is this your current BIOS version?

  Epirb406 20:04 06 Feb 2004

I have been pondering over your link, I think my BIOS is more recent than that one, aida reports the BIOS date as 10/29/02.

Also on POST the processor is identified (when set to 133/133) correctly as an 2400+ but windows won't load.

Any thoughts?

Cheers link Pinka but seems to be a blind alley, I think that was one of the random crashes but maybe to do with ridding myself of the worm?

Cheers all, any further ideas?


  Quiller. 21:05 06 Feb 2004

I have had a look at the crucial web site and the ram looks fine. The board, even with rev 1.0 can take up to pc3200 click here

How long did it run before it went bad?

Other things to consider, as it runs fine at 100Mhz. Is the power supply adequate. When you fitted the new mobo, did you use the thermal pad or compound on the cpu.

In the bios you have this page. click here

Run the computer for 30 minutes at the 100Mhz frequency, reboot, enter bios and check temp.

  Epirb406 21:24 06 Feb 2004

Hello, thanks for giving this another look!

It ran for a couple of weeks at 133 Mhz, sometimes for an hour at a time, sometimes for 48 hours, no stability problems at that time.

PSU is definitly adequate, had one that blew so went for overkill at 450W, top shelf jobbie.

Used good brand thermal paste on the cpu.

Computer been running for at least six hours at the momement at 100 mhz, chip temp 43 deg C. Beleive it can run up to 85ish?

Any more clues? Feel sure that it must be BIOS settings(but I could be wrong!)

Cheers, Epirb.

  Quiller. 23:36 06 Feb 2004

Well your psu seems up to the job. 43 deg C for an Athlon running at 100Mhz may be slightly warm.

I have been looking at the manuals, now rev 1.0 says that the max cpu is an athlon 1.4 with a 266fsb. The bios, rev 3.1 says that the max is a X\P 2000 with a 266fsb.

Are you sure it is a straight ECS K7S5A ver 1 and not a K7S5A pro or K7S5A2?

You could run aida again and under motherboard pick bios. Look at bios type and message. Also look at the bios date.

  Quiller. 23:41 06 Feb 2004

Just read bremner's link. Looks like your bios will support the cpu.

  Epirb406 07:31 07 Feb 2004

For the early bods


  961 08:28 07 Feb 2004

Just a few thoughts

Is it possible to get a system restore point beyond all the trouble?

Is it worth disabling or removing Norton to see if it is the problem. It often is if there is trouble about?

Is it then worth going on to re-install the drivers for the motherboard?

Is it worth trying an on line virus checker?

When the virus checker sorted the virus what exactly did it do, and have you checked that the action was all that was needed by looking at one of the virus sites?

I think I can be more positive in saying that your problems are not hardware related but software, and likely to be corrupted files

  bremner 09:59 07 Feb 2004

"After my last set of postings I had both set at 133 and on boot chip was recognised as XP 2400+ but after, I THINK a visit from the Doom worm (now cleaned up(Norton)) and a couple of hefty crashes and video card problems I cannot get back to where I was."

To the best of my understanding MyDoom is a mass mailer worm and should not cause system crashes etc [email protected]" title="[email protected]" TARGET="_new">click here.

Did you manually remove the worm or use an automatic removal tool?

If it was manual could you have made an error and removed / changed something vital.

It may be worth re installing your operating system to rewrite all the system files.

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