AMD Athlon v Intel Pentium

  Ron B 11:41 02 Jul 2006

I am buying a new computer and would appreciate advice on whether to go for an: -
AMD Athlon 64x2 4600+ - socket AM2
Intel Pentium D950 Dual Core (3.4 GHz, 2mb cache, 800 MHz)
Computer used for games, digital photography etc.

  gudgulf 12:17 02 Jul 2006

Toss a coin...........both are very powerful processors that are up to the job of gaming and photo editing.

The Athlon is marginally better with games....and the Pentium probably has the edge with photo/video rditing.

What are the full specs of the pcs in question?

Things like the amount of RAM memory, quality of the graphics card and price might be more relevent than cpu type when choosing between them.

  Ron B 14:18 02 Jul 2006

Thanks for the response. The memory the IP is be 2048 DDR 2 memory - 533 MHz (2x1024)and on the AMD it's 2GB - 2x 1GB PC 6400 DDR2 800.
Hard drive is IP 500GB & the AMD is 300GB
Graphics cards are both 265 MB nVIDIA Geforce 7900 GT.
Mother borads are: -
IP ASUS P5LD2-Se Intel 945P Chipset Dual - core, DDR 2, PCI Express, ATX
AMD - ASUS M2N 32-SLi Deluxe - AMD 2, nForce 590 SLi, PCIe, Wifi - AP Solo - ATX.

Many thanks,

  gudgulf 12:31 03 Jul 2006

Sorry to take so long to get back to you....I was working yesterday!

It is diificult to split the two pcs on performance and both are vey capable gaming/photo editing rigs.

Both will take,and make use of significant graphics card upgrades (such as SLI or a single more powerful card) and both are near the top end of current performance.

But I do think there are some things to consider.

Price being the first......there is currently a big difference in the price of those cpus click here and click here with the Pentium being £150 cheaper....So even allowing for the extra hard drive capacity in the Pentium based pc it should come in at a significantly lower price than the Athlon pc (unless there are other goodies tucked away in the Pentiums spec you haven't mentioned)

Upgradability is card upgrade is easy on both pcs but upgrading the cpu at a later date isn't...not for the Pentium at least.

The Intel 945 chipset has limited support for Dual core cpus and wont support the very latest "Conroe" processors click here

Nor will it support the fastest DDR2 memory.

The Athlon socket AM2 on the other hand is bang up to date and will support forthcoming cpus and the fastest DDR2 memory currently available (hideously expensive though it is!).

In a nutshell if you are buying a pc that you only intend upgrading the graphics card for games, and it is significantly cheaper, the Pentium based pc is for you.

On the other hand if you are looking for a pc that has good overall upgradability to keep pace with up and coming technology then the Athlon makes more sense.

On current standards both are superb and it's back to spinning a coin to decide.

  Ron B 18:41 03 Jul 2006

Thanks for the advice.There is no difference in the price tag between the Pentium and the Athlon pc and no other goodies in the Pentiums spec.
I think the limited Intel 945 chipset suport sways matters. I think it's best to wait a month or so to see how things pan out with the introduction of the Conroe.

I always use a double headed coin anyway!


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