AMD Althon 64 x2 Dual core 4800 & HSF help

  Giggle n' Bits 15:53 29 Apr 2006

Just put together my new baby using this CPU but have found that when starting up he pc intermitanlty the Fan on the Retail purchased AMD x2 4800 CPU actually stops spinning for a few seconds and sets of the Alarm which is set in the BIOS for the Heatsink fan stop spinning, only a few seconds but is this normal or faulty ?
Is there anything or a setting in the BIOS I could check.

  alan227 19:05 29 Apr 2006

I have a dual core 3800 whuch is retail and fitted with the heatsink & fan that came with it and it does not stop once it starts.
You are lucky your CPU has not been fried.
Once the fan starts spinning it should keep going, if iy is cutting out and setting alarms off there is a problem.

  Giggle n' Bits 20:37 29 Apr 2006

Yes I think also its aproblem but looking around other forums suggest this Quiet Fan control is a bit buggy.

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