AMD Advert and Internet Explorer window size

  Peter 14:30 07 Nov 2003

I don't know if it's just me, but since this AMD advert has inhabited the top of the Internet Explorer window, the windows size keeps being altered. It's very annoying!

I don't mind adverts too much, but if I set my window size as I like it I don't think someone else should alter it.

Is this happening to other readers/forum members?


  DieSse 14:32 07 Nov 2003

What AMD advert??

Presume my Google toolbar pop-up blocker must be killing it - yet another win for Google?

  expertec 14:58 07 Nov 2003

This AMD thing is really annoying me, but at least it will now close when I tell it even if it does close my Links toolbar ;-( (and if I log in reallly quickly, it doesn't come up at all!)

  Stuartli 15:49 07 Nov 2003

The only time I had it the ad minimised the IE window - all I had to do was maximise it and the ad has since (hopefully) bit the dust.

  Lionheart ♥ 16:36 07 Nov 2003

Google toolbar pop-up blocker is killing it:)

  woodchip 16:50 07 Nov 2003

Why not download and use Netscape at least until the add as gone away

  SGT BARNES 17:45 07 Nov 2003

that AMD advert turned up on my ie window after msn messenge 6.1 decided to do an update without asking me and installed all sorts of crap on my system.

have you got a search bar aswell as this installed itself and hijacked my homepage

click here

i managed to also download a program called HIJACKTHIS but cant remember where i got it from and it will delete it for you

  The Lights Are On 17:53 07 Nov 2003

What update did MSN Messenger 6.1 do SGT BARNES?

  muppetmark 18:20 07 Nov 2003

Hijackthis available click here along with a tutorial there. HTH

  Peter 19:21 07 Nov 2003

I'll tick this one as resolved. I just wanted to check that it wasn't just me.


  SGT BARNES 20:57 07 Nov 2003

not sure LIGHTS but i had to run avg , spybot , adaware and a few other things then do a system restoe , it hasn't tried to update since

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