AMD Advert and IE browser hyjacking

  Flak999 20:46 07 Nov 2003

Whilst i understand that revenue has to be generated for what is a free forum, I do object to having my explorer windows hyjacked by this pernisious advert!

Not only does it open multiple windows it obscures the toolbars and is generally a pain in the arse!

I would have thought that a magazine that is supposed to champion the cause of the computer layman would have found a less "in your face" way of making sure we click on their advertisers banners!

It just makes you realise that money comes before everything and ensures we all download googles popup blocker!

  powerless 20:51 07 Nov 2003

AMD advert - i understand.

But the browswer hijacking?

click here

  SGT BARNES 20:55 07 Nov 2003


it installs loads of stuff

see click here

  expertec 22:25 07 Nov 2003

It's nothing to do with Messenger 6.1, I get the AMD advert and i don't have messenger 6.1

  SGT BARNES 00:45 08 Nov 2003

wierd cos it turned up on my screen about 2 seconds after it updated and installed mysearchnow

  The Lights Are On 00:59 08 Nov 2003

Flak999 they need to generate income & I do believe you can switch the toolbar off. No such thing as a free lunch you know. Go on some of the American news sites & an Irish one also & you will find bar for the main page it's subscription only, no one wants that on here. We all can maybe help the problem by actually visiting the advertisers sites on the small banner ad's, the AMD one may go away then.

  The Sack 01:03 08 Nov 2003

Use MyIE2 as a skin for internet explorer and its filters will rid you of it forever the lite version is only 765KB, some popup stoppers are bigger than that. click here

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