AMD 64bit Very very very slow

  GrimNir 01:06 18 May 2005

Asus K8V-X Socket 754 Via K8T800 ATX
AMD(newcastle) Athlon 64bit 3000+
Sapphire radeon 9550 256DDR
1 x Crucial 512 PC3200 DDR400mhz
Ebuyer 500 watt psu
western digital caviar 80Gb hard drive.
Windows XP professional

Upon initial install this worked perfect. Installed F-Secure anti-virus, though not updated as not on internet at this time. Then used it running farcry for 3 days burned a few DVDs, stable no problems and very fast. Took it round to my friends updated the Anti-Virus then installed service pack 2. AARRGGHH! All of a sudden its very slow to respond, to do anything. Did a quick reformat re-installed windows, nope still very slow to respond to any comand. Click on folder etc and you wait 5 to 10 seconds if not longer for it to open.Installing games is slower than an old 333mhz computers.

Can anyone help because I'm well flustered here.

  jack 08:34 18 May 2005

SP2 is the culprit
Even unloading it seems to leave enough sludge
behind to make you think the machine is full
of treacle.
Reformat, reload leave SP2 out.

  jimv7 09:02 18 May 2005

I would reload and put sp2 on before any other programes, then see how it goes.

  961 09:22 18 May 2005

"though not updated as not on the internet at the time..."

Suggest run thorough system scan for virus. It may also be worth running an on line scan available at most anti virus web sites (eg Trend, MacAfee)

You do not mention anti spyware software on your machine. If not, download and run Microsoft Anti Spyware, A squared (free trial) and trojan hunter (also free trial).

F-secure can be a bit system hoggy in itself but with Athlon 3000 this should not be a problem

Don't blame sp2 before you ensure there is no spyware or virus

  GrimNir 12:55 18 May 2005

Unlikely to be spyware or virus.

Built from new, reformated. Just drivers, nero, f-secure and far cry on it initially. At this point it was fine. Loaded Service pack 2 from a cd. Started slowing down imediately, then added modem driver and first thing I did was update anti-virus, then go off line and run a full system scan. I always do it that way. After that definately slowed down.. .. I thought it was service pack 2 but I did an unisntall and thought that would do it.

I'll do a full re-format and start again.

Thanks for the input

  medicine hat 13:34 18 May 2005

Did you go into the bios at all? You may have disabled a cache

  Lettervanman 14:56 18 May 2005

Similar machine as yours,came with sp2 installed.
No problems with speed!

  Ancient Learner 17:36 18 May 2005

Similar PC to yours. Started with XP home, which I upgraded to XP pro. Then I added SP2. None of which made the slightest difference to its speed which is more than satisfactory

  woodchip 18:04 18 May 2005

SP2 altered the MBR. You need to Fdisk and create a new partition then resetup. It's not the AMD at fault. Games and SP2 are culprit

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