23790954 13:05 17 Apr 2010

Hello again to all you good forum members.
I just wondered if any of you technical experts out there could answer me the following question?

I have jsut upgraded my system, and installed Windows 7 - 64 bit. My new system is built on a GigabyteGA-MA770-UD3 motherboard, which is an AM2+ motherboard, and is compatibile with all AM2; AM2+; and AM3 processors. I am using crucial ballistix 800 DDR2 memory in the system.

I have presently installed in the system, an AMD 2+ dual core processor, which runs at 2.2 gig.
However I do have a spare AMD2 (NOT PLUS) dual core processor, which actually runs at 2.9gig.
Remembering that the first one is an AMD 2+ processor, and the second one os only an AMD 2
processor, which one would actually prove the fastest in my system.

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