AMD 64 bit system problems

  GlobalPC 14:48 18 Feb 2004

I am having problems building a system with AMD's new 64 bit CPU - the first I've built. I am using a Gigabyte K8 KT800 mainboard. When I power on, the fans run and immediately shut off. Using a POST diagnostic card, all lights flash on then off and the display briefly shows "AA".
I've swapped out virtually everything including RAM, PSU. graphics card etc. It behaves the same every time. I have even swapped out the CPU itself to no avail. I am suspecting the mobo but cannot explain why it should be this. As I haven't another K8 board I am loathe to order one unless there is a good chance it is that.

Incidentally - how on earth do you remove the heatsink without dragging the CPU out by the roots?? The thermal paste on the heatsink holds the chip so tight it seems impossible!!


  goonerbill 18:38 18 Feb 2004

what power output is you PSU.

  Rayuk 18:53 18 Feb 2004

Have you tried running it with the motherboard outside of the pc case to see if its shorting on a stand off when installed in the case

  Edstow 18:56 18 Feb 2004

"how on earth do you remove the heatsink without dragging the CPU out by the roots"

Slide it off (sideways), don't try to lift it vertically away from the CPU.

  explicitlyrics100 18:58 18 Feb 2004

have you checked all jumpers. Other than that Id say it was probably a power supply problem (my experience with motherboard states that if the mb is the culprit then it generally doesnt do anything (cant hear hard drives chug....))

  GlobalPC 09:13 19 Feb 2004

PSU is nominally 400w:

I have tried running outside mobo - same result.

The mobo is unusually devoid of jumpers - only one to clear password. Handbook makes no mention of any others either.

I read some issues in AMD's forums about memory needing to be registered, but one discussion said he bought and tried registered memory and it made no difference.

I have another mobo coming today - I'll see if that helps and let you know.

Thanks for your combined input - if you have any other ideas I'm all ears!

  GlobalPC 09:15 19 Feb 2004

Unfortunately with the 64 bit chip you can't slide the h/s off the chip. It's held in a case attached to the mobo similar to the P4. Every time I take the h/s off it always has the chip attached to the bottom, no matter how careful I am...

  GlobalPC 15:45 19 Feb 2004

New mobo delivered and tried - exactly the same.
So now I've swapped out the CPU, PSU, Graphics, and mobo - same result every time! Only leaves the memory I guess, unless there's something I'm missing.

Any ideas, anyone?

  Rayuk 17:28 19 Feb 2004

Is your cpu fan power plug connected to the motherboard or molex.What graphics card have you installed.

  Seano 17:50 19 Feb 2004

some motherboard have a power management system that only turns the fan on when its needed . Refer to you motherboard handbook to see if this is the case . These systems sutch at the new 'guru' with AMD chips are to reduce noise and power consumption . Hope this helps

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