AMD 64 bit or Pentium 4?

  flow276 20:34 27 Feb 2004

My PC is nearly 6 years old and I am planning on replacing it. It will be for family use i.e. word-processing, spreadsheets, internet, digital photos, TV recording to DVD and some games (although not a major requirement since games mostly played on PS2). I am looking at the Mesh 64-3000 FX.
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I know it will be the luck of the draw whether I have any problems with it, but Mesh look OK.
My dilemma is whether I need a 64 bit processor or a fast Pentium 4. Also whether I should have 1GB RAM. A Pentium 4 with 512MB RAM would be a lot cheaper, but I want the new PC to last another 5-6 years without having problems of being underpowered etc , which is my current problem.
What do you suggest?

  interzone55 20:43 27 Feb 2004

In tests, under normal condititions an Athlon 64 is as quick as all but the very fastest (and obscenely expensive) P4s.

You will net get the best performance from an Athlon 64 until the 64 bit version of Windows & software is available, and obviously this will cost you more money on top of your system.

at the moment you do not need 1Gb of Ram, but it may come in handy at a later date. I have 768Mb and it's plenty enough for my needs. I even ran a full OS & office suite in Ram last night, with the hard drive unplugged.

So ultimately it's down to which system has all the bits & pieces you need, and don't think that buying the Athlon 64 will future proof your system, as AMD are changing the processor socket soon, so the same socket is used for the Athlon 64 and the Athlon FX.

  woodchip 20:47 27 Feb 2004

You should be ready for next Operating system with 64

  pinka 23:16 27 Feb 2004

the 64 bit version of windows is available, free for 360 day trial.

  flow276 13:40 10 Mar 2004

Many thanks to everyone who replied. I have placed my order for a Mesh 64-3200 with 1GB RAM.

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