amd 64

  sopwith 11:40 17 Feb 2008

you will no doubt have all been asked this before
im buying new equipment to have a machine built to my own spec to match my needs
amd 64 v amd 64 black edition whats the difference
staying with msi for mobo (i like them)
xp or vista
which one is advisable

  howard64 20:57 17 Feb 2008

I would visit the amd site and look up the details of each or google them. I have decided to stick with xp for the foreseeable future.

  bluto1 21:07 17 Feb 2008

I agree with howard 64 re amd, but if you are thinking Vista just make sure that your build is higher spec than the version of Vista that you want.

  [email protected] 21:15 17 Feb 2008

black edition means it's unlocked (clockable) usually come without heatsinc, i have 6400 at2x 3.5hzish and i couldnt wish for more atm.

  [email protected] 21:17 17 Feb 2008

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