AMD 64 - 3000+

  GOOLY 15:46 09 Jan 2005

Hi there,

My current System is an AMD 64 - 3000+ with 512mb ram (adata pc 3200).

What my question is, would I be able to tell a whole lot of difference in prformance if I upgraded to the AMD 64 - 3500+ processor? or would the advantages be minimal - My next purchase is going to be an upgrade in RAM to at least a Gig's worth just in case any of you tell me I'd get more performance from an increase in RAM.

Thanks as usual to any help provided.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:59 09 Jan 2005

It all depends on what you use the PC for, but I don't imagine you will get any discernible performance increase.

  TomJerry 16:00 09 Jan 2005

CPU upgrade: maximum possible improvement: (3500-3000)/3000=16.7%. So a file open in 1 secondin old machcine will open in 0.8 second in new machine. What a great improvement!

cannot understand why people need so much computing power

if you have deep pocket, get all latest things

  topdude 16:22 09 Jan 2005

Small increase in CPU speed will not be noticable. You need to double the speed to see much difference in normal use. For normal PC use a faster hard drive with fast seek time will be more noticable.

  smiddy 16:37 09 Jan 2005

clock speed is not the issue when it comes to such a small increase. The ram upgrade is the way to go and while you are at it, with the change you could buy a good graphics card (if you are gaming) then you would really notice the difference.

  bremner 17:04 09 Jan 2005

Probably a silly question but ss your 3000+ a 754 or 939 pin processor?

As the 3500+ is only available as 939.

  jagx400 17:10 09 Jan 2005

I have an Athlon 2700 and wondered if I would notice any difference going to an Athlon64 3000, if not think I'll save my money

  myphrill 17:29 09 Jan 2005

I had the choice of 3000, 3200 and 3400. I chose 3000 because its only like 10% slower but it was 50% cheaper. So i got the 64bit 3000. I gotta wait for the other parts to arrive before i can build the pc and try it out.

  myphrill 17:30 09 Jan 2005

oh yes, also, buy a 1GB chip of RAM, that'd make a bigger difference for less cash.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:31 09 Jan 2005

As you already have 512MB of ram additional ram would also make little or no noticeable difference to performance in all but particularly memory hungry applications. A faster hard drive would make a noticeable difference to the time taken to open applications. If you have a 5400rpm drive get a 7200rpm for a real boost. If you already have a 7200rpm drive you would need to set up a raid 0 array or buy a 10000rpm drive to see a real improvement though.

jagx400, you would also need a new motherboard and to upgrade to ddr400 ram. With all 3 upgrades at the same time you would certainly see an improvement.

  drew645 19:26 09 Jan 2005

My rule of thumb is don't upgrade anything unless it gives at least 50% improvement.
The longer you wait the cheaper it will be!

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