AMD 2700 - How hot???

  Jester2K II 12:45 11 Sep 2003

Ho hum. I know that the question of "how hot should a processor run at" has been done to death but I'm slightly concerned here.

AMD 2700 XP - Heatsink and fan is OK up to 2700.

According to MoBo software the CPU Die Idles at about 52 C.

Run a 4-5 minutes Graphics Benchmark and it hits the 58 - 60 C mark.

Going to have a session on a game for 15 minutes to see what happens then but is this high or not. Can't seem to find any guides to temp!!!

  mark500 12:54 11 Sep 2003

Typically, the maximum operating temperatures for Socket A AMD Athlon? and AMD Duron? desktop processors are 90 degrees Celsius for processors operating up to 1GHz, and 95 degrees Celsius for processors operating above 1GHz.

  Djohn 12:55 11 Sep 2003

AMD rate it as Max. 90c, they do not give recommended "Normal" temps because each system is different. [Their words] but do say, they would expect that speed of CPU to be in the 60's.

I think it's a little on the warm side, and could be brought down to mid 50's with correct fitting of heatsink/Fan and cooling. I know other members of the forum manage to achieve these lower temps. without increasing noise levels too much. Regards. j.

  Djohn 13:01 11 Sep 2003

Is also correct, in fact for one of their range of CPU's the Maximum Temp. is 100c. j.

  dawnyworld 13:11 11 Sep 2003

my athlon 2100 runs at 40 and 48 ish under load

i did however change the heatsink paste to the new ceramic stuff coz originally it was 49 /58

hope this helps

  Jester2K II 13:18 11 Sep 2003

I checked inside and the power lead was blocking two sides of the heatsink.

Moved it with the help of a plastic tie strip.

10 mins of Medal of Honor - still in the high 50 but not up to 60+

It now idling at 54 C.

Think i'll leave as it is...

I said it before and i'll say it again...

"Since when did setting up a MoBo and Processor becomes so tricky?"

  The Transporter 14:37 11 Sep 2003

Hi there
It is a mixture of case fans and cpu fans. As well as what thermal paste you use between the heatsink and fan.
I used to use Artic Silver 3 but now i use Shin Etsu Thermal paste from:

click here
dropped my temps by 3 degrees all by itself.

I also found that with the Chieftec scorpio case with two front fans, a side fan and 2 exhaust fans it makes a lot of difference.

With the following setup. In my old case. Just one exhaust fan, thats all.

XP2700+ with Arctic Silver 3, Aero 7+, Abit Nf7-S v2 mobo Chassis was 33 Degrees C, and CPU was 53 Degrees C fully loaded.

Same setup but with new chieftec Scorpio Case, and Shin etsu thermal paste, it is 20 degrees chassis and 39 degrees C fully loaded cpu. Idle cpu is 34 degrees.

Also if you arn't overclcoking your cpu you can actually undervolt it. I run the XP2700+ on 1.575 volts Vcore instead of 1.650 Volts and it can still run Prime 95 non stop with no problems. This helps with temperature drops too. But only when fully loaded.

The coolermaster Aero 7+ is an excellent Cooler and it isn't very loud compared to others. You also do not need to fix it to your motherboard.

Any temps over 50 degrees arn't good. The temperatures i used above are on a summers day when outside air tempereature is about 25.

On a day like today with temps being about 20 the cpu runs at about 36 fully loaded.

One last thing, The shin-etsu thermal paste is the only paste that will not void your AMD warranty. Also the stock heat sink and fans is rubbish. (sorry amd, but it is). Ideally if you buy a boxed processor and fan, they should give you a fan thats more than up to the job, not one that just does enough.


One last thing, make sure the heatsink is sitting properly on the cpu. There is a part that sits higher than the cpu on the socket A fitting, which must not be fouled by the cpu cooler. There will be a bit cut away on the cooler so it will miss this raised lip.

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