AMD 2600+ problem.

  Methedrine 13:19 24 Dec 2003

I recently had my PC upgraded with a new mobo and chip and memory. I got a Syntax SV266A mobo, an AMD 2600+ CPU and 512MB PC2100 DDR.
I installed the memory and the PC wouldn't boot. It just beeped at me to say there was no memory.
I was advised to update the BIOS, which cured the memory problem but threw up a new problem.
The PC now reports that the CPU is an AMD 2000+ running at 1.66MHz. It was previously reporting AMD 2600+ at 2.06MHz.
Does anyone know how I can get the speed back without having to overclock. I took the fan off to verify that it was a 2600+ and not an overclocked 2000+. It is definitely a 2600+.
Please help.


  bremner 13:23 24 Dec 2003

You will have an incorrectly set BIOS for the chip.

The correct settings will be FSB =133Mhz and multiplier of 16.

This will then give a speed of 2133Mhz and it will be reported correctly

  MAJ 13:29 24 Dec 2003

bremner is correct assuming the processor is the 266 fsb Thoroughbred model and not the 333 fsb Thoroughbred or the 333 fsb Barton model. Which model do you have, Methedrine?

  bremner 13:37 24 Dec 2003

I checked the motherboard details and it only supports up to 266FSB so I assumed (perhaps wrongly) that the 2600+ would be a 266 model

  Methedrine 13:43 24 Dec 2003

Just been in BIOS, it says

CPU Clock [133]
CPU voltage regulator [normal]
CPU temp 56C

CPU clock goes up to 165.
Probably not a lot of help there I know but I'm very nervous of messing around in BIOS.

  Rayuk 13:56 24 Dec 2003

Download cpuid from click here^871^2364,00.html
it should tell you what cpu you actually have.

2600+ at 133[266] are very hard to find so looks like you may have the wrong cpu

  Methedrine 14:00 24 Dec 2003

Error 404 on that link mate.

When i took the fan off yesterday it definitely had 2600 printed on it. I just can't understand why it was reporting 2600+ before BIOS upgrade and 2000+ after. As you can tell, I'm not as clued up as you guys.

  Rayuk 14:00 24 Dec 2003

Sorry try
click here

  bremner 14:09 24 Dec 2003


Was there another setting called 'muliplier' as it seems likely that is set to 12.5 instead of 16.

  Methedrine 14:13 24 Dec 2003

no other setting called multiplier but I could be looking in the wrong place. I looked in "PC health status" and frequency control.
Gonna run CPUID now. Back in a mo.

  Jakey boy 14:26 24 Dec 2003

Try this: I've checked your manual - try setting the jumper JP4 to 2-3 for 133Mhz. This should report true CPU speed for your mobo.

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