AMD 2500+ barton or 2600+ thoroughbred?

  rdh660 17:55 12 Oct 2003

I am sure this will have been covered before but here goes. I want to upgrade my processor...... I have checked motherboard compatability and I am trying to choose between The AMD Athlon 2500+ with a barton core or the AMD Athlon 2600+ with a thoroughbred core. I believe that the barton is a more modern core but don't really know. Is there an Athlon 2600+ with a barton core ??

Any suggestions as to which one I should choose would be gratefully recieved?


  pinka 17:57 12 Oct 2003

from what i gather the 2500+ barton runs at 1.83 ghz , compared to a 2400+ 1.93 ghz and 2600+ 2.1? ghz so id stay well clear of the slower barton . thats my personal opinion others may disagree .

  rdh660 18:02 12 Oct 2003

Is the thoroughbred a better core than the barton at all available speeds ?

  Rayuk 18:04 12 Oct 2003

I have to disagree the difference is that the Barton has a larger ondie cache.
Barton = L1 cache 128K L2 cache 512K
TBred = L1 cache 128K L2 cache 256K
Most will go for the 2500+Barton as opposed to the 2600+Tbred.
All the later Athlons are the Barton core.

  Rayuk 18:06 12 Oct 2003

Have a read through this may be of help in deciding

click here

  pinka 18:10 12 Oct 2003

can you explain whats difference the ondie cache would make over the higher mhz rating between thoroughbred and barton .

  rdh660 18:10 12 Oct 2003

Thanks Rayuk. Just wish I could afford to upgrade everything to the most up to date gear then I wouldn't have to worry about these things I don't really understand. Beats me why they don't just make em so that the bigger number relates to the faster processor... but what do I know?

Thanks again

  rdh660 18:19 12 Oct 2003

Thanks everybody.
Rayuk the article you sent the link for sort of makes the decision for me doesn't it ?...... if I am reading the figures correctly the barton seems the natural choice.

Thanks again

  Rayuk 18:33 12 Oct 2003

They do use the + numbers to denote faster chips,megahertz isnt the sole deciding factor.

You can overclock these cpus very easily on nforce2 boards and that is where the 2500+ becomes a better option.

If you are not going to overclock then by all means get the 2600+

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