AMD 2400XP is rated as a 1800+XP in sandra 2000.

  gal 18:01 01 Jun 2003

I have just upgraded my CPU & motherboard to 2400XP on a Gigabyte GA7VA. When I check the CPU rating in Sandra 2000, the CPU is record as 1800+XP. Have I been supplied with lower spec' CPU?

  leo49 18:03 01 Jun 2003

Not necessarily - Sandra's a very dodgy lady well past her sellby date.

Try the new little lady Aida32.

  jeez 18:09 01 Jun 2003

you say sandra 2000, there's the prob, a prog will only recognise the hardware available at the time the program was released

  gal 19:03 01 Jun 2003

Just downloaded & tried AIDA32, still tells me it's a XP1800+
Processor Properties AMD Athlon XP 1515mhz (7.5x202)
max clock 2800mhz
current clock 1500mhz
external clock 100mhz

Does the above figures mean I am not running at it's full speed, or was first thoughts correct, I didn't get what I paid for?

  The Transporter 19:22 01 Jun 2003

You want the Precessor set to a 133 fsb with a multiplier of 15.

The settings will be in the voltages/ frequency part in your bios.

The fsb is set to 133 because it is a 266 (133 * 2) bus.

To give a processor speed of 2000 mhz. Do not pay attention to the max clock speed. It is basically just taking the value of 133 and multiplying it by your largest multiplier available on your motherboard.

Hope it helps

  H-J 19:47 01 Jun 2003

if the above doesnt solve the problem then have a look in your motherboards manual for a manual jumper setting for the fsb. I have an xp2100 which was reported as a 1500 on first starting up. this was because of a jumper on the MB that was set to 100 (default).

  gal 08:41 13 Jun 2003

Only just found the time to try your suggestions,
it was the jumper setting on the fsb.

Thanks for all your help

  tufnut 12:58 13 Jun 2003

I have An AMD 2600XP and Sandra, system imfo and Belerac all tell me I have 2100. I assumed The 2600XP rating was only a designation or defintion.Is it possible that I am running at a lower speed. If this is true. How do you reset the jumper on the FSB? tufnut.

  tufnut 13:05 13 Jun 2003

I should have mentioned that the computer was recently purchased (Time AMD 2600XP pro) They sent me a new floppy with fresh BIOS as the one supplied was incorrect,(M/board MS6712).

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