AMD 1800+XP operating temp

  Flaco 20:47 02 Jul 2003

I found that my CPU was running at 1.16Ghz for some reason. I adjusted it to it's proper rate of 1.55Ghz in the BIOS.

At the lower setting, the temp was showing as 63C. At the higher setting it rises to 70C. My PC supplier says that these temperatures are within normal operating parametres. Seems high to me.

What do you think?

  beec crump 20:56 02 Jul 2003

Well I have the same chip and it runs around 40oC. But i really dont know much about it mine has a huge heatsink and 2 fans.


  tamc98 21:01 02 Jul 2003

I've just swopped from an Athlon T'Bird 1.33 which ran at 53C to an 1800xp which is running at 36C using AMD supplied h/sink and fan. I think that yours is a little high (may still be within spec though).
What is your system temp at?

Have you had a look at AMD's web site to see if there are any indications there.

My own feeling is that although a little high, these temperatures are within the paramaters.

Also, what utility are you using to monitor the temperature or are the readings taken from the BIOS. I was getting very different readings between the BIOS an Asusprobe (this comes with Asus motherboards) but after downloading the latest version, the temperature readings dropped significantly.

  Flaco 22:02 02 Jul 2003

Mobo hovers around 33-35C. This room is cool and although I've got the tower in a cabinet, the doors are invariably always open and the ventilation is more than adequate. You and Beec indicate temps in line with other users, which is why I'm wondering mine must be too high. Even if it can withstand it, it won't do anything for the longevity of the chip.

  goonerbill 23:06 02 Jul 2003

temp is high but within AMD specs. would suggest a couple of case fans, 1 drawing air in and 1 out plus a quality heatsink (all copper)& fan.

  keith-236785 23:06 02 Jul 2003

my 1800+ with a coolermaster fan, runs between 53 and 59 degrees, and it is also in a cabinet with the doors shut (back is open though)

amd web site says maximum temp is 93 degrees but i would worry if mine was in the high seventies.

maybe you need a better fan, another possibility is that the ide cables run across the fan and slow the ammount of air getting to the fan, or when it was all put together, the person who did it didn't remove the paper backing from the Thermal Paste sticker, or applied the thermal paste incorrectly (the last two suggestions require you to remove the heatsink & fan and should only be done if all else fails)

  woodchip 23:13 02 Jul 2003

I have 1600xp over clocked running at 1700xp System 33c CPU 44c with no extra fans

  kane_2002k 23:28 02 Jul 2003

Really anything over 60, would cause me concern.

  BeForU 23:51 02 Jul 2003

you could simply get a new and more powerful heatsink and fan and it could well do with the thermal paste as well!

  Flaco 00:20 03 Jul 2003

I tried trawling throught the AMD website and soon lost the will to live. Nice one, Paperman, 93C is truly a scorcher but at least I can sleep easier now.

My CPU was running at 1160Mhz and Evesham said this may have happened on a shutdown where too much internal static was detected. They told me how to up it to 1533Mhz from the BIOS. The monitoring s/w I am using is 'Motherboard Monitor 5' (from LimeWire, or LiveWire?). I installed it a while ago and that's when I started thinking about the temp readings.

I was tempted to reduce it to 1161 again but I'll leave it turned up now. However, I will definitely take up some of the suggestions and try to cool things down a little.


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