Amazon,password and email always completed

  martd7 19:47 13 Oct 2014

Guessing theres a simple answer to this,

Whenever i look at the amazon website to type in my username and password its always completed,how do i stop it keeping the information?

No other site i login does this

using win7 and ie11

  BRYNIT 20:23 13 Oct 2014

This will tell you how to manage Autocomplete in IE 10, IE 11 is the same CLICK HERE

  martd7 23:22 13 Oct 2014


I dont think its auto complete,I'm not typing the details in theyre just there when i log in,unlike any other site

  lotvic 01:02 14 Oct 2014

I suggest you try:

First: IE11 > Tools > Delete Browsing History > and in the box that opens, tick all the ones you want to delete, especially Cookies, Form data and Passwords.

Then: IE11 > Tools > Advanced > scroll down to the 'Security' section and tick the box 'Do not save encrypted pages to disk, click on 'Apply' and 'OK' (this should stop any https addresses and content you enter from being stored in Browsing History)

  lotvic 01:17 14 Oct 2014

Correction typo - missed out step 'Internet Options' in the 2nd part:

Then: IE11 > Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > scroll down to the 'Security' section and... etc

  morddwyd 08:36 14 Oct 2014

Surely if A mazon is the only site it happens on it is not likely to be Autocomplete, but an Amazon setting?

I get the same, on Chrome, FF, Opera and also on Android, both using Chrome and the Amazon app, but that's the way I want it, and I think I've set my Amazon account up that way.

The other thing to check is are you using a password manager like Lastpass, which logs you in automatically

  spuds 09:37 14 Oct 2014

Does this happen elsewhere on other login websites, because having just checked the Amazon website, I cannot find any 'Remember This' for passwords.

If it happens elsewhere, then perhaps a check in your programmes listing, to see if you have a password or login programme installed.

  spuds 10:23 14 Oct 2014


I missed that one :O)

For more information click here

  Secret-Squirrel 10:43 14 Oct 2014

"First: IE11 > Tools > Delete Browsing History > and in the box that opens, tick all the ones you want to delete, especially................Passwords."

I've just tried Lotvic's suggestion regarding deleting IE's saved passwords and can confirm that it works for Amazon site.

Unfortunately, unlike other browsers, there doesn't seem to be a way of deleting individual passwords in IE so the OP will lose them all.

  martd7 23:00 14 Oct 2014

It is only on the amazon site all other sites I visit like this one I have to manually type in the password

  BT 08:49 15 Oct 2014

7Dayshop is the same, your Email and Password are remembered/completed when you click on Log In. There is a tick box which says 'Tick to save log in' which you can untick if you want.

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