Amazon through Firefox adds on a donation at the end

  mymate 13:19 23 Jul 2013

Just seems odd but why if i do a link from Amazon from Firefox it ends with Donation click here link from using Internet Explorer no donation at the end click here one know why this is happening please .

Same Any

  mymate 13:25 23 Jul 2013

Sorry links didnt work but hope this is the one from Firefox . click here same link from IE does not have the donations bit on the end .


  mymate 14:05 23 Jul 2013

This is at the end of all my links on to Amazon through Firefox %2Cgrocery%2C187&tag=donations09-20

  Woolwell 14:08 23 Jul 2013

Same as Jock1e - I don't get donation. Have you picked up a malware extension?

  mymate 14:11 23 Jul 2013

On my main compter going through Firefox no donation on the end . So looks like its a add on ,on my Firefox or Malware but i have scanned with Malware bytes and Spybot and nothing comes up

  mymate 14:12 23 Jul 2013

Thanks very much i will scan in safe mode see what that shows up.

  mymate 16:15 23 Jul 2013

I scanned in safe mode and it picked up 2 hijack things so deleted them and Amazon was still the same so went into extensions in Firefox and disabled them all and i have no donations at end of the link and can actually sign into my account now.

  Woolwell 16:18 23 Jul 2013

Suggest you add an extension at a time until you find which one is creating the problem.

  ViperGeek 16:05 12 Oct 2013

I just ran into this issue with Chrome and found the extension:

Bring Back Right-Click 3.3.11

to be at fault.

Some of these extension developers are getting pretty sleazy.

  • Dave

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