Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation)

  conrail 17:24 09 Jan 2019

hi all, hope you all had a great christmas, son has decided I needed new technology so has bought me a Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation, click here so setup and linked to laptop, tablets and phone, unlike him I don't have the latest gadgets, ie smart tv, my query is when I switch laptop, tablet etc., on or off, the echo dot notifies me of this, as if I didn't know, after all I have switched the things on/off, how do I turn this notification option off, all help and advice appreciated

  difarn 17:04 13 Jan 2019

I don't have one but according to an article I read go to your Alexa app, click the top left button, Settings, Notifications and see if you have an option to switch offthe annoying notifications?

  conrail 11:09 14 Jan 2019

thanks difarn, gone to alexa app on all 3 devices but no option under settings & notifications, think I will either put up with it or remove laptop from alexa list, I could mute but the would defeat the object of having the unit

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