Amazon down tonight??

  compumac 19:36 08 Apr 2009

I have been trying to access the UK Amazon website this evening but having no luck whatsoever. Am I alone in this?

  compumac 19:44 08 Apr 2009

Clicking on your link produced the same result. I did think that for some reason A Squared Antimalware might be blocking it but have three PC's - all give the same negative result.

  compumac 19:46 08 Apr 2009

Sea Urchin
Your link indicates that Amazon is down. I had noticed the link you referred to earlier in the week, but have never used it. Looks good.

  mammak 19:46 08 Apr 2009

No joy here,running Vista, BT BB, neither IE8 or FF will load.

  amonra 19:48 08 Apr 2009

OPening OK here.

  Cockney Rebel 19:53 08 Apr 2009

No go for me either 19.50hrs.XPpro sp3,Derbyshire

  iscanut 20:08 08 Apr 2009

No problem here, instant access..Devon, XP3, Firefox and IE8

  Technotiger 20:24 08 Apr 2009 loads instantly ... does not load at all ........

South Coast, England.

  compumac 20:29 08 Apr 2009

I finally got onto Amazon but only for a couple of minutes then zilch.

  compumac 20:32 08 Apr 2009

I am in the Midlands. Perhaps you could place my order and pop up to the Midlands when it comes in?

  compumac 20:44 08 Apr 2009

If I had known, I was in Devon last week and could have saved you the trouble. Wife cannot wait till July. I am with BT perhaps it is ISP related.

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